March 29, 2015 – we have sunshine today and some tears – WWII it was raining

I woke up this morning later than usual because we stayed up late last night. First watching a couple of episodes of the Killing – Love the scenes of Seattle. So many places I remember.  Then watching the nailbiter ending to the Notre Dame vs Kentucky basketball game. I think I am done with the March Madness at this point.   The NBA training teams are winning and I just cannot get excited at teams whose coaches make more than all the professors in their colleges and kids that probably are not getting an education but are just prepping for the NBA.  It is all so corrupt I cannot stand it.

But I did finally get up this morning and went to Palm Sunday services.. It was funny at the end. Father Tom had to get over to the other campus to say Mass at 11 and the Choir was singing verse after verse of some very lovely piece.  He tried to signal them to stop it but they kept going.  So at the end it made a beeline out of there to his car only 25 minutes late for the next service if you count his travel time across town.

Then it was time to read the newspaper.  D went out for a 10 mile run.. the half marathon is at the end of this next month and he is making progress getting ready for it.  He looks so great – as the young girls would say “hot” in his new very svelte body.  So glad he is such a healthy fellow.   Me, I read the paper and hung curtains on the line to dry.  But then I saw it. Sadly the Fantasticks is really going to close this time.  It has been playing at the Snapple Theatre on Broadway for a bunch of years and before that since the 60’s at the Sullivan Street Playhouse.  That is our musical.  During the year we started dating and decided to get married D was still acting as was I. He must more seriously since in his heart he wanted a career in the theatre. I suppose teaching might fill some of that dream.  But he played one of the fathers and I went to most of the rehearsals with him.  Then all the performances.  I will never forget the woman sitting behind me one night going on and on about his gorgeous blue eyes.  I smiled and was so happy they noticed them since I knew how beautiful they were and still are for that matter.

Since that time we have seen the play at the Sullivan Street Theatre, at the Snapple where we purchased a poster signed by Tom Jones who wrote the play/music and who acted in the revival. And we have seen it in many other venues over and over again.  The music was part of our wedding ceremony and we love it to this day.  We even saw it at Niskayuna High School..

So, that put a sad tinge on my day but it is beautiful out and I read this letter from Pat to her brother Maurice and his wife Jean, their daughter Maureen, my good friend, was born in August that year and this is her letter to them about that and what is happening in the war.

8 Sept 44’

Dear Jean and Misty:

Congratulations my pet’s on your new daughter, isn’t it wonderful!   Everyone says how beautiful she is.   I am so happy for you both.
I never answered Misty’s letter but I loved getting it. I thought it very cleaver and got a big bang out of it. I wish he would write me again but I know how busy he is and you too with your new infant.

I hope the family have been getting my “ordinary mail” letters fast.  You have probably read them.   So I shall not repeat myself.  Life is a trifle grim lately.   Being on “nites’ and the weather is cold and it has rained constantly since we arrived.   The boys put the tents up so fast that they leak all over and trying to keep the pts dry is a problem.   Last nite there was a great wind blowing and one tent gave way.  The pegs won’t stay in the wet ground.   What a time, and no lights, and I have never been so cold before, and to add to it all, our food is dreadful.   We haven’t had bread for a week and you never realize how essential it is until you don’t have it.   Especially for breakfast.

Oh well, I find it really quite amusing but amazing.  Today when Lib and I were sleeping our own tent nearly blew away and the rain beat in our faces.   But I hear we are going out on a “rest period” 48 hrs.   We don’t need it but it will be wonderful.   To an officers club which is really something.   Orchestra and bar and silk sheets.   I am so thrilled with the idea.   Fr O’Leary is taking Lib and I into … tomorrow.  I hope to get some perfume to bring home to you all.

Dick is about 30 miles away.   Drove over last nite for a few minutes.   Perfect of him but he expects to move again soon.   What a fast moving war!

Give my love to Fergie Joe.   I miss him a lot.   I knew him for so long.   Give Brenda and Maureen a kiss.   Have a happy time my dears and thanks for both your letters Jeannie.   Wonderful to hear, believe me.
Love Patt.


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