March 20, 2015 – First Day of spring snow storm

Ah yes, Spring has arrived and we woke up to snow.  Not a lovely snow that would makimage imagee you want to take a walk but a wet yucky snow that made one decide to stay in the house all day.  And so we did.  Yesterday it was warm and lovely driving down here to DC.  There was little traffic  and it only took 6.5 hrs which was a great time.  No construction in Jersey to slow things down.  Guess when I come down in April I will do this again.

Loved seeing the pictures of the solar eclipse today.  We could not see it because of the clouds.  I hear tonight there is one of the moon as well but probably won’t be able to see that either.

Woke up very early but fell back to sleep and it was all very nice.  Needed that extra sleep after the drive yestereday.  We also watched TV last night – basketball games of course.. It is that time of the year.. Albany plays this evening and i hope they win. It would be a great thing to have them more forward a bit.

The girls were busy all morning.  They play fabulously together and are such great friends.  Mom had to go to teachers conferences today and Dad was able to make the one at 5 pm.  Every parent enjoys teachers conferences when you know the news is all going to be good.  so it was a lovely day.  They both napped and so did I. I was out like a light.  Nothing like an exhausted grandma.

Pizza night tonight so will be a naughty girl and eat some.   Doesn’t bother me right away if at all. Hard to tell with the delayed reaction allergies.   I have been so good for so long that I just don’t care tonight.

So, here is another letter for today.

August 3, 1944

Hello dears:
So sorry about writing that small that Mother can’t read it.   I shall try my larger style but won’t be able to say as much, however it will be better this way.   Haven’t much news.

We are fairly busy especially on the days we admit.   We work as long as we are needed, but the boys are happy to see us and I have a perfect time with them as always.
This is the healthiest life, believe me. I keep all the tent flaps up so all nite it is like sleeping outside and the day is nearly as good.  I am lying in bed now, stayed home for a change and it is a wonderful nite if a bit noisy.

We get lots to eat. It’s funny the things one can be mad about, like having prunes or rice pudding or canned peaches for dessert.   I am happy for the rest of the day.   Anything fresh like prunes is wonderful.   My hair and skin are better than ever before so all in all this army agrees with me – all but the lack of water.   I had one pail for four days but I manage to look amazingly clean people tell me.

Will you send me some starch so I can do my shirt collars.   Then send them to be ironed. Some French women do our washing and it is dreadful. Also some Jergens Lotion! Also if you send the trench coat I want it light in colour but I think you know the type.

Lib went on loan to a CCS for a few days so I am all alone. Sad eh. I miss her though. She’s a dear!

Every nite there is something doing. Last nite for instance, two lads Kathie and I go out with took us on a picnic around six o’clock, then we went to their mess (tent) sat around, played some bridge, then came back about eleven and there sat Ted and Andy MacKenzie (a perfect lad, DFC and bar and very smart in a plane) waiting for me. They had got back from operations ten and came right over and they said Norm had just left. Had waited over an hour. You see, there are no phones, mail we never get, so everyone just comes, so we all do things together and no one knows what tomorrow will be. Ted and Andy say “if we keep out of that flak tomorrow we’ll be over” that is all they know. Great way to live.

Goodbye for now. Hope everyone is well good.
love Patt.


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