March 18, 2015 – the cold is back and the winds – blow me over


I woke up early this morning without an alarm and felt human for the first time in weeks.  Do you think it could be the Pea Protein I had been adding to my breakfast? I thought about eliminating some foods to see if they were the cause and started with that.  Head was clear and no strange feelings.. Well at least it is a start.  Since I am going to see my girls tomorrow I spent the morning cleaning up, doing a laundry so my jeans would be clean to wear tomorrow.

I thought, great, beautiful day I will go out after lunch and walk a bunch.. NOT…. went out to the mail box and the wind was cold and cutting through me.  Don’t like that. Probably could have done it but went upstairs and went through everything for the grant and our inkind and wrote some letters etc.  Got tons done today.  Then a call from daughter that she is bringing us a visitor this afternoon. I will cook some dinner and maybe give her a little bit to eat as well.  So all in all a good day. Suitcase is packed. some of my special foods ready to take with me so I can know I will have snacks that I like. Guess I will skip the KIND bars as I don’t want to break another tooth until I get the broken one fixed.

Don’t you hate it when you can only chew on one side.  I get reading while I am eating and find myself chomping down on the broken tooth.  Since it does not hurt it is just strange feeling as I realize what I am doing.  Then I panic, what if I break off more and they cannot cap it? What if something gets in a nerve and I am in excruciating pain and cannot drive? OH life can be so complicated when it is full of what ifs.

Had had a visit from Norah and Stella. the puppy was very well behaved and very curious about every thing but was fine..

So onward and upward..  Lets read another letter.

#47 – no date on the letter but date stamped July 26 by field post office
Hello dears:

It’s a beautiful nite. I am sitting outside my tent waiting for Dick to come. The nite is very clear and there is a great deal of air activity. Once it is dark, there will be a lot more.

We moved into our own tents today for how long I don’t know. We are one of the smaller hospitals. There is going to be only two and rumor has it that we will keep moving while the larger ones will be base. Of course, that is how I want it but it seems to me for the last six months I haven’t been settled for very long! There are two of us to a tent. Lib and I are together and Mary and Kathie are next. We are in a pretty orchard and I am thrilled with it all, especially now that it has stopped raining.

Our meals are fairly good. We are on “camps” rations. Everything is canned and suppose to be full of vitamins so they are good for us if not too enjoyable. We get six hard candies, one chocolate bar a day, one bottle of beer a week, one bottle of hard liquor a month, seven cigarettes a day.

We didn’t get mail for about ten days so yesterday was wonderful. What a thrill again to receive it. I had one from Marye written a month ago and a lot of local mail.

We have green water proof buckets that we carry our water in. Now and then we can get hot water from the kitchen so we all take a sponge bath. We keep our water bottles filled with water to drink.

We have “shit trenches” outside if we need them. But me – I am always so comfortable in bed that I probably wouldn’t get up anyway. However I keep my tin hat close at hand. We carry them everywhere and wear red cross bands on our arms. I tell you all these things because I know you are interested because I think that it all makes for better reading and then you won’t worry because you’ll know what’s its all about.

Some funny things happen and I try not to think of the rest. I haven’t told you much about what I have been doing lately just described the place but I did write yesterday I think. Anyway I am seeing a lot of this part of the country. It looks a lot like Canada, very lovely.

Do be good! Before we got our stuff, all my socks 13 pr were so wet that one of Ted’s friends lent me some socks. Heavy wool ones. Isn’t that a scream… love Pat


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