March 16, 2015 – Round and Round we go and life in France

I had to laugh this morning. I got up and was full of energy so headed out to walk. 45 minutes later I was not really ready to stop but walking in circles was driving me nuts.  I mean really, how many times can one do this.  I should have gone off the street and headed for the hills but could not talk myself into it.  But I was able to make a huge decision.  Weds unless it is snowing I am going to take the walk up Route 7 to Stewarts to make suure I can walk that far with no foot pain.

Had a fun afternoon, made phone calls and then reviewed the Drug Free Grant I have been reviewing with their grant writer. It is a wonderful grant and I sure hope they get it.   Love doing things that get my prevention juices going.  It has been fun helping them.

Tonight I went to a meeting and it was good to see everyone.  Went on too long.  And great awareness as usual of all kinds of interesting dynamics.

So excited to see my little girls this weekend.  Going to drive down on Thursday and have them all day Friday and will be with them until Monday morning. Grand fun for sure.

I watched “Who do you think you are?” last night and had to laugh. Josh Groban’s 8th times great grandfather was drummed out of the Lutheran Church in Germany because of his belief that Haleys Comet was a predictor of the end of the world as they knew it.  He got the boot and had to flee and then died on the day he had predicted the end would come.  Pretty amazing really.  Then I thought about my Grandfather Jim.  He was booted out of the Unitarian Church because of his believes and when he applied to return they refused because he was to far to the left.  I guess my view of the Unitarians is that they accept anyone so if Jim was so far out they would not take him in I cannot imagine what he was into.  Guess I have more research to do. Although when he died his eulogy was given by a respected leader of the Unitarians.  Maybe it was okay since his dead and no longer a threat that he would say things out of the box.

Here is one of Pat’s letters.  I have been spending time reading a lot about WWII and finding more and more fascinating.

July 30, 1944

Hello dears:

Well I am at work at last! We have quite a few patients but it is not as grim as I imagined it would be.  Poor lads are pretty exhausted, dehydrated, hungry but still game.   Of –course there are some dreadful cases but I am not with them thank goodness.

It is wonderful how smoothly things are running under canvas with no conveniences what so ever. I can’t get over it. It all may be tough but plenty worth while when the lads come and you give them a cigarette, hot tea and a bath.  But I’ll tell you more later.

The other day I was up to my neck in plaster bandages when someone came in with four officers who wanted to see me.  They had a note from Norm for me.  He is their Company Commander.  He had given them the “jeep” and wanted me to look after them for the afternoon because things were quiet.  Well I have never seen anything so dirty and haggard before.  I got a M.O. and sent them to their quarters to wash.  Then got a lot of my friends and we gave them a drink, then had supper at the mess and sat around outside the tent listening to the victrola.  The lads from the airfield came over and we had a perfect evening. We gave them some choc bars etc and when they left they were like new men  . I, of course, was honoured to have the privilege of entertaining them. I wish I could tell you the things they told us in the few moments we talked about the war. Our Canadians are pushed right in the front of everyone. They are the heroes, they and their American friends.

Yesterday Norm came up, said his men had loved every minute, he had three friends with him and they had until dark so I got Lib and some gals and Ted came over with his friends and we all went on a picnic to the most perfect spot. We took some bread and margarine and the cheese and meat Ferg sent and Norm had brought me champagne and one of the girls had a cake. It was a wonderful evening. Very warm and we all sat around and talked. The air force lads are bitter because they think their job is safe and have to watch the Infantry taking it.   A couple others were unhappy because they had jobs behind the lines and so it goes. They talk and talk about it and then the rest of the time forget it all.

I drove Norm’s jeep all over the hills and dales. Had more fun. They will go over everything. This part of the country is untouched because they went through so fast, can’t say the same for the rest.   I won’t see Norm for a while probably but he had a good day anyway. Dick is in England.

Forgot to tell you I need some eau-de- cologne. I’d like “Indiscrete” Lucien Lelong, also some tooth paste “Ipana”. The TP is very poor over here. I seem to be full of requests lately but there is no hurry for anything. I wear my blue suit jacket over my brown slacks, shirt etc and it looks very good. I have some lovely weaved ties and a couple of beautiful shirts and a good tan so I don’t need a thing other than the few things. all my love Patt


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