March 15, 2015 – The rains keep coming – and the war rages on.

Had a tough night last night. Never went deeply to sleep.  It was a rough night for sure. Felt terrible this morning so slept in. Sinus still bothering me every morning. ;Guess it is time to call the doc before we head south.  Otherwise once I got up and got moving I got a lot done. Read the newspaper, ate breakfast, went for a long walk and got a bunch of work done on the computer for myself and N-CAP.  Then D and I watched the Union vs Quinipiac hockey game, which sadly Union lost so they are finished playing for the season.  Then we watched two episodes of the Killing which is such a good series. Oh, do we love Netflics. Can see how you could end up spending the whole weekend or day watching a marathon of some series.  Now I am watching Who do you think you are?  Love this show although I wish they would have some normal people on the show.  I don’t know if anyone could get us further back than we are but I will never have access to the kinds of help Josh Groban is getting.

In between all of this have been thinking a lot about Pat’s letters.  I am going to be going north and settling down to write a fictionalized version. Using her letters as the basis so most of it will come directly from the letters but then I am going to do research on the people mentioned in the letters and incorporate more about them in the story and the various battles and places.  After I do the research I need to do I will be able to find out exactly where they were.  Very excited about that.

Here is the letter for today now that Pat is in France and close to the heart of the battles.

July 28, 1944

Dear Dad:
Congratulations, my pet about being a member of the Gyn & Ob Society.  I think it is wonderful but then you are anyway.   It was perfect getting your letter and one from Norah and Sr. Hughes. We don’t get mail often and it is lovely when it arrives.   Got Ferg’s parcel yesterday.   Say thanks to him and I will write him later.  Also I am going to send you a list of things I need or can use over here now that I know. Just send them anytime you happen to send anything and use my own money.

Cans (soup or fruit juice)
jam and peanut butter
biscuits (fancy)
coffee (we can never get)
canned milk
fruit cake
mirror (could you send two very cheap ones, bit enough to see my face and collar etc. I broke the only one I had. We hang them in the tent on the poles)
(That is quite a list but you asked for suggestions and I don’t want everything together!!!)

And I need a good khaki trench coat.  I want one to wear over my battle dress in the fall and winter.  I thought Marye could try in on and have it hemmed and get Steacy’s to pack and send it.  But I want a good one, soft and complete with split up back, raglan sleeves etc. You know the type I have – always loved and it is one thing I can use later so I would be very grateful for that and it should really get here by the middle of Sept if you send it now.

I just read a long article on our hospital from a clipping from a paper (Can.) I wonder if it was in our paper and if you read it.  All about us going to war. Dreadful really but you would recognize the description of the house up north etc.

Well this is quite a good spot. Every time I look out of my tent some familiar person is crossing the orchard to see me.  We haven’t being going out, because we are standing by in case we start to admit so everyone comes over.  I never have a minute.  Went to bed early last nite and was just asleep when the air force and some army arrived so I had to get up.  Norm had been here earlier.  Came back from the front for a bath and dropped in.  Wonderful to see him but he had to get right back. Dick was in the other nite at twelve o’clock.  He was just passing through, next morning he flew back to England for a couple of days. The lads at the RCAF stations are here every nite. They take turns flying so there is always someone around.

Across a hedge from my tent there is an American camp. We are all jammed right in but there is lots doing, thank goodness because it is better not to ever think about it all. Things are pretty grim for the Canadians, wouldn’t you know they take the beating!   We never see a paper or hear the news or know what is going on. Unless like from Norm I get it first hand, otherwise we are isolated. P

PS. I didn’t notice this piece to write on. It is raining, rain every day but the tent is quite comfortable is a little damp. One of the boys made us a table for our basin etc. I am lucky though I have lots of warm sweaters etc. don’t need a thing, only the coat.


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