March 14, 2015 – a good day to skip is Friday the 13th

Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th and at 11 pm I was so tired I just could not start writing. Just did not want to do it so didn’t.  What kind of a Friday the 13th was it anyway.  Well, started the day with stuff around the house and then a meeting for an hour at the middle school. then the dentist to find out that my tooth is saveable and I only need a cap but of course do not have insurance so it is going to cost over $1000.00. OH well.  Such is life.  Then after coming home I was on the phone on a conference call with a group I am helping with their Drug Free Grant. I am not writing it but reading it and giving them feedback.  And clarifying some of their questions. We were on the phone for almost 3 hours and it was very productive.  I love these folks and enjoy doing this for them.  I was offered a job doing this when I retired but took a different direction and am thinking I need to find out if this is possible to do again.  I get very energized from the work.  Then D and I watched the Union Men’s Hockey team playing Quinnipiac and it went the game plus three overtimes.. it was sad because at 1 minute to go in regular time Union was ahead 3-1 and the other guys scored twice in the last minute to tie it and then eventually Q won. It was sad. And it was 11 pm so I just wanted to sleep by then.

So, I am not going to do double the number of letters but the usual 2 or 3 and we shall see where Pat takes us today.

Envelope dated July 17, 44 with one sheet of paper in it that says
“ Hello dears:
How do you like the warriors!!!!
Love Pat”
it must have been the pictures mentioned in the letter above.

No 44
17 July 44

Had a letter from Mother and Misty the other day. I loved the one from Misty. The farm sounds positively thriving. Wish I could see it. I took the letters to Sheila to read. That was Thurs. I went up in the pouring rain but it cleared after I arrived, so we had dinner at her mess, then two lads who take her out, took the two of us out and I caught the last train home.  We had a perfect evening and I was glad I had gone because I won’t be seeing her for awhile but it was grand while it lasted.

Fri nite Joseph D (Lt in American Navy) I told you about came down to see me, he had just arrived back so we went out to the supper dance and had a marvellous time. I am going to see him later when I get settled.

I can’t tell you much about where I am now, but once again I am under canvas, but the weather is warm if quite damp. We are in a very organized and well laid out camp, whoever thought it out was a genius and I would say, all the conveniences you could want, everything very clean, good food but completely surrounded by barbwire so one gets the impression of caged animals, however it can’t last forever and it is all part of the routine.

I haven’t much to say but wanted to write anyway, but I’ll write soon again and give you all the news I can.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer, don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky over here but it just doesn’t happen.

Read where some Canadian nurses arrived in France. That will be Robi, they are the first crowd.

Is Marye on her holiday yet. Where is she going?

Well, bye for now,
Love Patt

There are obviously letters missing here as you will understand when you read the letter. I am going to have to see if they just are out of place or really missing and gone forever. MB

22 July 44’

I am afraid my last letter was a complete jumble, I had so much to tell you. This may be a little more same.

Well I am knee deep in mud. I remember hearing that France was muddy in the last war and it hasn’t changed. None of our stuff has arrived yet so we are dirty and wet etc. Completely at the mercy of No 7 CDH but this can’t last forever and it is really a lot of fun. We are not set up yet needless to say so we just make supplies etc. No 7 has not started to operate yet either. It has rained continually. I might add hence the discomfort.

I am having a perfect time. Ted Ward has been over every nite to see me plus a lot of others. We had dinner at his mess my second nite here. We were over a lot of the country first in his jeep. (Kathie, Mary etc with us) Saw a lot of activity, really startling. There are four Cdn Squadrons at Ted’s field and the famous RAF ace Johnny Johnson is their Wing Commander, I met him, he is very nice and very good looking etc. All these lads are fighter pilots and the best there is. There is no doubt about that. Looking at them all,(because they were all in the mess, down on account of the weather) I couldn’t believe they could be so perfect looking and so brave and so damned (?), although they are meeting very little competition these days in the air. They have the Luftwaffe scared away, but there are so many with decorations.

The next nite, to go on, Ted had me get 20 more girls and we went over for a party. It was wonderful! I wish I could describe the sites going and coming. Knowing the news the way you follow it Dad you have a good idea as to where and how much space there is. Sort of like sitting a bit back in the ”bleachers” I am applying for a CCS so hope to get closer.

Dick and Norm came over the nite before I arrived and are coming back tonite . Norm has left HD2 to rejoin his old unit. In fact, of course, he will command it so he is dropping in on his way. I could die but what the use!!! Anyway, I can’t wait to see them. The news is good eh! I can’t wait for it all to be over. When I get enough space I will tell you a few things I’d like. Field rations aren’t so hot but good enough. I wouldn’t complain about one thing ever – not over here. I just don’t count. There I go again but it is all pretty …… love Pat



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