March 11, 2015 – The Lady, The Baron and the movies

Wow, I had a great day. I love when I feel like I am working and having fun.  Started the day cleaning up around here since someone was coming over later. then I went to lunch at Tailored Tea with my friend Jeanne.  That was great. Good conversation and super food. Then I came home and did some more work and then Allison came over and we skyped with Denise down in Florida and worked on a job description for a youth person.  Was a very nice day.

So here are some letters for today. I did some research on the folks she mentions. Lady Bagot was the aunt of a Baron and her husband had homes all over the darn place. Did not find anything that directly discussed them. But found things on some of the others.


Lt (n/s) P O’Connor
No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
1 July 44’

Hello Dears:
Had a letter from Mother and one from Ferg and one from Marg and one from Norah in the past week. All were perfect to get. Marg is with you now which is perfect eh! I know you will all have a grand visit.

I take all the letters to Sheila who I see every second day. Isn’t it too lovely. I try to see Robbi in between time and I usually get back on the last bus in time to go out to the glamour spots around here so I am a busy person. To-day I stayed in and slept.

It was such fun seeing Sheila on Tues. We talked out heads off. We took a couple of snaps together which she will send you. She is as cute a ever. She told me all the news of course. Yesterday Lib and I went over to see her and Mary K came out with us to tea etc. Tomorrow they have P.M.’s so I am going over.

Eileen H asked me to be her bridesmaid, wouldn’t that have been nice? But I can’t, we are too far away now – but I would have loved it.

I have been going out with an American naval officer since I‘ve been down here. He is sweet. Joseph Patrick Doyle from Boston, Mass. We have a wonderful time. We go usually to my favorite hotel to the supper dance – its’ the spot and the most perfect “ American bar” is in it also. I feel so glamorous once more. I just said “feel” as one couldn’t look it in these clothes. Everyone continues to be so good to us Lib and I have invitations to go everywhere and we can’t possible make them all.

Joe has been away from the States 2 ½ yrs. Went all through the Italian and Mediterranean theatre and now is in the Normandy one. He is on a landing – craft and the stories he tells me are hard to believe. Unless you are actually in or connected with this horrible unholy mess you never hear any of it.  He and all his friends are complete mental wrecks and its all so undeserving. oh well…..

Thanks for the cable telling me where Sheila was. Remember that piece –“Bright as the moon above me” heard it the other nite.

Ferg’s new records sound wonderful. Take good care of mine! Sheila brought me choc bars which I am mad about. By the way send me gum anytime you send anything. I can’t get mouth washes and you know how fussy I am about my teeth. Well my pets. I’ll be writing soon again. I must write Norah now.
Love Pat

Lieut (n/s) P O’Connor
No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
4 July 44

Dear Connie and Ferg:
Got Fergs letter the other day and one from Dad today telling me about receiving the pictures. I’m so glad they got through alright. I had my doubts.

Well, we are still in this heavenly spot. The roses are in season now and there so wonderful. Every shade of climbing rose in the world and such masses of them. I bet yours are wonderful or are they out yet!

Having a marvelous time. Don’t have a minute to myself. Was out to tea at Lady Bagots today. She invited all the Catholic girls. Now Lib and I are waiting to go out to dinner with Sandy Deroche (a very good friend of ours – from Aldershot days) and a friend of his. There are so many beautiful places to go and they have a car (ordinance)

I’ve seen Sheila a lot and will as long as we are here. It’s so perfect being so near but she can’t come here and I would love to “show her the town”

Listen,  I saw “Higher and Higher’ the other day with Frank S.(Sinatra) Had to satisfy my curiosity and I liked him – a dreadful vehicle to star him in but he is the most appealing singer I have ever seen. I was so glad I liked him. Did you see Deanna Durbin in “His Butlers Sister” nearly died? She sang ”Two Guitars ….. “ in Russian and “In the Spirit of the Moment” and another we like. Don’t miss it because the Russian number alone is worth seeing. Your new records sound wonderful.

I would love to see Mary and Michael everyone tells me how lovely Mary stays and how sweet Michael is. Aren’t you lucky!

Give my love to Bertha and Grandmother S. We have a n/s Kay Zegman here who knew Jean at St. Mikes. She is a lovely girl you must tell Jean.

Well my pets write me all the news. Thanks a million for the parcel which is on it’s way. I hope it catches me – I’ve been luck so far eh! everything gets here.

Must run now but I’ll be writing the family soon.
love Patt

Lieut (n/s) P O’Connor
No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
7 July 44’

Hello dears:
This is a rainy morning. I went to Mass and then called Sheila up. I haven’t seen her for a couple of days because she has been too busy. We are still waiting – how I wish we would get going. Not that I’m not having a good time but it seems like a complete waste.

The other day on the bus I met a very charming lady. She started talking to me, you know asking questions etc. She gave me her phone no. and address and asked me over so Kathie Mac and I went on Wed. and we had a perfect evening. She and her husband live in a glorious apartment. You all would go mad over the furniture. Edline is their name and they own fifteen hotels in town, grand place. He was “Tubby Edline” a London actor, he was famous as “Alf” in Alfs Button and played with Noel Coward in different plays. He is mentioned in Cowards “Present Indication” etc. They have one son, a lieutenant in the British Navy. Tony.

Thurs they took us out to lunch at one of their most charming rooms. We had a marvelous lunch. She is sweet. Lois is her name. They gave me postcards with pictures of the most beautiful “Pub” in the world. The “King and Queen” we went there first and had some very old dry sherry. They are the only one to have any left after all these yrs of war. But Dad would simply love this pub. You will see the front of it on the postcards and the inside reeks of history. On of King Alfred’s “round tables” needle –pointed chairs, candles for lights, old pictures, coaches, stages etc. I loved it and it is really the most wonderful in the world. That’s its’ reputation. So I sent the three postcards of it, plus one of the town near where Sheila is and six pencil sketches of the town where Robbi is. I want the latter saved especially so I can frame them in small black frames. They are very sweet and all the scenes I have actually seen. I didn’t put a word on them – so just mention getting them and not the name of the place. I am so afraid of breaking security. I gave you a hint in my last letter of the name of the place. I wonder if you noticed.

Got Dad’s sweet letter. Had one from Eulah. Well lots of love. Poor Long is getting it again. The P planes don’t bother us much we see them and the old … try to bring them down. Dreadful things.
love again, Patt – it appears the King and Queen Pub is still there. Wish I had realized where she was, I would have gone there.    This is a lovely site with a story by Tubby Edlin. great stuff.

King and Queen Hamble


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