March 5, 2015 – Spring, flowers, handsome men and war preparation

“We come this way but once. We can either tiptoe through life and

hope we get to death without being badly bruised or we can live a full,

complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams”

                                                                                  Bob Proctor

Had a grand time today working on raffle prizes for Open Doors Ontario.  I really kind of like the painting and getting a little creative.  Got to visit with the woman who work in the shop and get caught up with their lives.  Will pick them up next Thursday and paint up  two more items.   Also had a chat with my friend Jean who is doing so much better. We have a date for lunch next week.  And tomorrow I am having breakfast with a friend.  And then lunch with the girls after our meeting.  So should be another lovely day.  In addition got caught up with my son about their snow day.  Also, he loves the blog and some of his friends are learning about it.  All good news.

#18 24 April ‘44

I will start this but I haven’t much to say. I got Maryes and Dad’s letters this afternoon which made me very happy. I wrote to Simpsons Shopping Service tonight for a couple of things I need so they will be sending the bill to Marye. I don’t want to bother you people with them.

Well, we are living from day to day now but it won’t be for long. We are going out under canvas – fun eh!  So I am packing up all my blues and other clothes and storing them.  We will be dressed like the WAAC girls, it seems like an awful lot of extra expense but c’est la guerre.  I really don’t know what I’ll ever do with all my blue.  I wish I could have given a lot of it to Sheila however it doesn’t bother me much but then nothing does because there is no point to it.  I could tell you a lot of interesting things but I dare not. However I shall try to let you know by degrees. If mail is ever slow don’t worry because I will write frequently and it will get there eventually.  It may never be slow but if it should – just remember I am writing often anyway.

We got our bed rolls the other day and our web equipment etc.

Yesterday it was very lovely out. Norm and Dick drove over to get me and we went to tea at the home of an English Col. It was perfect. The house was lovely, the gardens beautiful.  The country is gorgeous.  We picked blue bells, and white bells and tulips, primroses, for-get-me-nots, you can wade through fields of them and there are so many other bushes, flowers and shrubs that we don’t know the names of.

Today I went out paddling with Don (He is back down in this district) I am getting a bit of a tan and will probably get a lot more – I hope.

I hope you have all recovered from your colds and that the weather gets warm soon. All that snow sounds dreadful.

Well the “nites” drag on. We are not very busy so they seem quite long. No more news now but I’ll be writing you later in week after my nite off. Lots of love, Patt

#19 28 April ‘44

I got two parcels today. One was from Mother and Dad with my dressing gown and the slippers. I love them and the other was from Ferg and Connie and it was perfect. It’s so sweet of you all to send me things. I had just eaten my last chocolate bar and was wondering how I was going to get along without them when the boxes came. I am mad about the Roundtree kind. I brought a couple over to my favorite patients.

I sit here looking out over the country. The lilac trees are out and everything is so green. The weather has been perfect lately. Mother would simply love the flowers over here. I can’t get over it. They are a constant source of pleasure to me.

Our mess dinner was tonite and it was quite an affair. It looked lovely and the dinner was marvelous started with gin cocktails, fruit cocktail, canapés, radishes, cheese, tomato soup, roast chicken lemon pie, (made with real lemons) coffee and nuts. Cost a fortune I hear – everything was imported probably. Miss Neil? Was present and a few others of note. This is our farewell get together.

Last nite I was off so I met Norm and Dick in the town they are closest too. Can’t mention any names but I did before. They met me at the train and we went to this beautiful country inn – Lord Nelson used to take his Lady Hamilton there for weekend. It is so old and lovely and in a beautiful setting. We had cocktails in the garden, then dinner at a huge window looking out on a brook, the flowers were all shades and the moon came up early and it was very warm out and so bright. We just sat around for hrs enjoying it all. Then they brought me home on the last train in time to catch theirs back. We have a wonderful time together. They are coming down on sun pm and I am having Mon. nite off – I’ll tell you about it later.

They are under canvas so have to wear battle dress everywhere. Mine incidentally looks quite nice. We wear tams, but the rest is exactly like Misty’s even to high boots and anklets and khaki raincoats which we have to give 14 coupons for. Dick has to give me his coupons because I haven’t that many left. You should see the stuff I had to get. Tell you more about it later. Love and thanks Patt.

#20 30 April ‘44

I got Mother’s letter yesterday and it was wonderful hearing from her again. I am so glad you are feeling better, dear, do be careful! I am glad you are sending me soap because we only get two bars a month issued to us and it isn’t very good. My original supply is beginning to get low. Jane must be very sweet and it’s lovely for you all to see so much of her. I am glad she likes Patches, how is the black boy doing these days?

Saturday p.m. I was out paddling on the channel. It was so warm that all I needed was a sweater and skirt and I got quite a burn on my face. You know how I love to let the sun soak in. I feel very well these days. I think everyone should take vitamins. They really keep one fit.

Today Lil Graham came down to see me. She is going out east. I got up at noon and we went over to have lunch at the officers club in A…… we talked our heads off. I shall miss her because although we didn’t see each other much we talked on the telephone frequently. Norm and Dick came up and met us there and we sat under the tree in the sun and watched people play tennis. It is a lovely club. Lil caught a train back at 4:30. She is very sweet.

Maggie has left me, isn’t that a shame! She was sent to No 7 CGH. I hope we won’t be too far apart later but we can’t tell. However she phones me each nite but I will miss her.

I was talking to Glen Burton tonight. He was down seeing some friends here. He was very anxious for me to be sure to say “hello” to Dad. He said he had always admired and liked him (Dad) so much he said also that all the men who had gone through Queens would remember Dad if they forgot everyone else.

I had a letter from Frank which I am sending on to Marye. It was perfect. He asked me to send my picture of Marye to him because he hadn’t received his so I did. I hear there is a terrific “black market” where he is and hardly anything gets through. Pictures are taken for their frames but I think he will get mine okay and if he gets his he will send it back. I miss mine, it is so lovely.   Patt

O'Connor-Pat 2


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