March 1, 2015. – A weird day

I am taking a day off the story of Aunt Patt.  Woke up this morning in pain In what I thought was probably my bladder.  It did not go away after a quick visit to the loo.  I finally dropped back off to sleep and whe. I woke up felt sore but the sharp pain was not there. I also have a cough which is quite annoying.  so, I made a decision to hang out today and rest.  Cannot get over how tired I am.  Depending on how I feel in the morning might just head off to the doctors.   Lucky I have a pretty easy week ahead of me.

So tomorrow will get caught up with the letters and hopefully will feel more like writing.  and of course it is snowing again and tonight is the final episode of Downton Abbey.  they the ads are on for the great shows they are having on during fund raising week, Peter, Paul and Mary, Johm Denver, Moton. All great shows.

so have a great evenng.


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