February 22, 2015 – how to make sure every one knows,when your birthday is!!!!

Today is Sue Armer Browns birthday.  It does not matter which one it is, no really, all that matters is that you remember Feb 22, is her birthday.  I learned a valuable lesson from Sue about birthdays.  The month before her birthday every year that she lived here. she would start the countdown.  I called her up and she would say, “just remember 30 days until my birthday.” this would go on daily for the month. By the time the day arrived we were all ready to party, whether it was pizza and brownies cooked by Sue or food we brought over, we knew that was the day to celebrate,   On asking her how this all started she happily told us it came from her mother who told her how important it is to celebrate your life and your birthday is a very special day and you need to honor it.

I like the idea of celebrating ourselves and being happy for our presence here on earth and in the lives of those close to us.  Even after Sue moved away and went to work at Cooperative Extension she told me how she put a tear off pad on her desk where everyone could see it and had a count down to her birthday. Everyone loved it.  Now I am sure there are people who would question the self promotion but in truth, I like it.  I don’t do that myself but I did throw my own retirement party.  I wanted to invite people that I know the folks in my office would not have thought to invite and there were people I did not want there who were part of the reason I retired when I did.  I had a great time and talked way to much since I did not think about giving a speech and annoyed several people very close to me by some things I did not say but nothing I can do about that now….  I had a great time and enjoyed myself hugely….

now that I am over 70 I figure I should celebrate every birthday as something special since I don’t have a clue how many more I will have or remember having.  and no matter what your age I would encourage you to celebrate the gift you are to those you love and who love you….

Life is a journey and considering the down times, you might as well make the most of the fun times and make your own fun times,

The good news today is that the sun was shining and we went for a walk and that made me feel a whole lot better.  and this evening I am going to my first write-in at Denny’s in Latham.  never did that before but thought I would try it. Might get back into the book if I do.  So am writing this now rather than late tonight.


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