February 21, 2015 – Living Gluten Free

I have been living Gluten Free for over a year now.  I do cheat from time to time but I have discovered that it is totally possible to live this way.  Times have changed since thirty years ago when I first tried to go with out wheat and almost starved to death.  there was nothing good to eat back then.  Really, not one good thing.

So, when Dr. Stram told me he thought I would benefit from from going wheat free and dairy free, for six months, I agreed to try it.  Wow has it been interesting. There are lots of great things out there to eat and more and more on the shelves at stores all the time.

when we were in Ireland eating out was easy because it seemed all the restaurants labeled items which were vegan, gluten free or whatever.  there are a lot of cooks with .celiac disease in Ireland.  today I went to Price Chopper and they were in the process of setting up an entire section of gluten free foods. Took me awhile to find where they had moved things. when I found the food I almost cheered.   GuessI  that will be the isle I will spend most of my time in….

I was worried about how this would work havng a husband who likes yummy food as much as the next the next guy.  Turns out that at the farmers market they are bakeries that have good gluten free bread, muffins, and cakes.. I hope they have some lemon pound cake tomorrow because I love it…  they also have or use to have a sweeps cheese lady there that made the best spreads.  and the Honest  Weight Food Coop also has a lot of really great stuff.

one year down and I am still eating gluten free.  just got all my blood work back from my doctor and every thing was good except for my thyroid which needed to be upped. Over the last year it kept gong down as far  as how much medication I needed but not sure what is happening there.  I miss my walkng because of this darn cold weather and the wind chill.  Denis does not have a problem because of his running but walkng is just slow enough to get very cold feet and hands.

In the last year I have learned how to make great pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, bread crumbs for breaking chicken, etc so we eat the same foods and he is not suffering from it and I am able to know that I am doing what the doctor asked me to do.  The next step will be to self pay for a blood test for food allergies to see what else I might need to stop eating.  That will be the next step in my quest for stomach health,


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