February 20,2015 – Strange Day sort of

Imdid not feel great when I woke up this morning. my head hurt and I was not hungry at all, After listening to the Roundtable on WAMC I got up and took a shower,  Felt so much better after that. Carol had called before,that to ask if I was still hosting the writing group on Momday afternoon. “I certainly am”, I told her. we chatted about NYCity for a bit and then I took that shower.

breakfast was a bit of a chore today since I was out of my granola I like so much. I decide to make some toast and peanut butter. I had some old bread out of the frig and the bottom of two jars of PB.  Made a coffee to go with it and sat down to eat and read the newspaper.  after finishing the newspaper I was not feeling great so I went into my room and soon after made a beeline to the bathroom, I did not feel very good at all.  After about an hour my system was empty and I had thrown up breakfast as well.  then I felt much better.  but not so hungry at that time..   I just mucked around for awhile tryng to get motivated to do something.  I called USA Handiman and arranged for him to call me back tomorrow to talk about the kitchen work.  then I called and made a lunch date for next Thursday with Pat who just retired and is sitting at home deciding what to do next.

The one thing I knew I was not going to do was cook dinner, lots of left overs Denis could heat up and I did not think I would be eating much….  and that has been the story of my evening, toast with butter and honey, camomile tea, and of course now at 10:15 I am hungry..  I will,have to find something good to have or I won’t sleep.  don’t you love how these things happen..

But one thing Inhave been doing today is Facebook, watching for comments from both folks who went to Eggert Road School 13 and Queen Anne High School Alums..  such fun reading about people that Imdont have a clue who they are but they remember people I remember.  one woman in Seattle lived on our block, probably after we left town for the east coast.

Just some nice connections.  Also tried to join a group of O’Connor DNA folks, turns out I already joined and the password I had is not working.  Might have to make up another name to get back on… Weird…

So nothing spectacular today but I do like writing something every day. I was a great diary writer when I was young…  More snow coming tomorrow, should be fun again, itis going to warm up a bit so I might even go out in it.



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