February 19, 2015 – a little more about high school years

I heard from my younger brother who goes by Joe a little while ago.  He has some pretty sad stories about Edgemont high school as well.  But his belief is that some of the issues he had with his classmates had to do with his friendship with the only black student in the school.  Joe, Terry, Charlie and another kid were always hanging out together.  Once it became apparent to the other students that the guys were friends with the Black kid, Joe experienced things like being taken off the relay team on the way to the Penn relays  even though he had the second fastest time on the team. and the dances he organized at school for the senior class once a month no one in his class would go to and yet the Junior class dances that he organized were always full.

after he graduated he realized it might have been his friendship with Terry.  there was not a lot of tolerance in that school. Italians were not treated very well and those of us in the non-country club set were always blown off.  and being part of a CAtholic minority did not win us any friends..   when we first moved there some girls came up to me and wanted to know if I bought my clothes at Sax Fifth Ave. or Lord and Taylor’s ?  I Had no idea what those were. they must have enjoyed that as well as the fact that my mom made most of my clothes.   then some one wanted to know what kind of car I was getting for my 16th birthday?  I laughed at that one since in our house you did not get a car until you had a job and could pay for it yourself.

It went on and on over the three years in school there. I remember on graduation night I wanted to kiss the sidewalk and walk away never to return. that was very sad in retrospect.  And I am sure glad I had not gone to that school for 12 years.  either I might have been a snob like them or been battered by them the whole time for not playing the game.  I feel sorry for kids who have to go to that school and are just normal kids,

Now for a treat…. I have been going through old pictures.  I found some old pictures of some of those terrific Canadian fellows, friends of Paul and Michaels who kept us busy playing cards, going swimming and fishing  and having  fun every August which helped me not to feel like such an utter failure in life.. Aunt Jean supervised us and made sure things never got out of control and In retrospect we never drank when we were there.. In fact I never had an alcoholic drink until I was 18…  never needed to. we just had great times..



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