February 17, 2015. Oh the sore muscles

I did not want to get up this morning and totally blew my plan for the day. Did get up and did some womanly chores, cleaned up the kitchen, did a laundry, changed sheets etc.  But at one I went to chair yoga class. The first one of this series. she had us stretching and stretching and I can already feel the stiffness setting in.  I visited with some of the folks at the senior Center and then went to Shoprite to get bacon To go with the MuMu Musili pancakes for dinner.   I made them with fresh blueberries and it was so good….

After I goT home at some point I was so tired I rolled into bed for half an hour and then cooked dinner and ate mine and headed out to Tai Chi class,  It was a great class.  I really like the people that.. it was our last class of this series and will start again next week.  I just have to make a point to practice at least once a day so I actually get the benefit. Same with the yoga… I love the classes and then don’t do the work so I never really get anywhere with it.  maybe by next year I will have the wooden sword and being dong some of thoSe forms…   my friend Rose really deserves some credit since she has some disabilities and still does the Tai Chi every week.  It is hard on her but she does it.

so tomorrow is Ash Weds so there is hope that I will get up and gong early in the day for a change,  My hope is so share one of my stories about Aunt Pat tomorrow…

sweet dreams!!!,


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