February 16, 2015 – Went to a town I love today

“The only adult you are responsible for is yourself”


I woke up to sunshine and crispy cold weather. Well, actually the phone woke me up when AAA called to say they were five minutes away and to be outside. That was not for me but for Denis and his dead car battery.  So, he met up with the guy, had the car started and the guy told him not to turn it off until he got it to the dealer to get a new battery. So he canceled his morning class and headed out to get the new battery. So happily tomorrow morning his car will start.

So, again, I got up and it was lovely out so I ate and got ready to head up to Saratoga to see the puppies. They are so cute. It was a lovely day for a ride so I went up the back roads and through Ballston Spa as that is another place I am going to look into house rentals.  Cute little town and very walkable. Not as many great spots to stop in and shop like Saratoga but nice none the less. Great coffee shops and loads of antique stores.

image imageGot there and we played with the puppies and Norah and I took them out into the snow to play. They are so cute running in circles around and around. The only thing they have to get over is their sibling rivalry.  It looks so serious when they go after each other but it appears it is just them trying to figure who is the boss.  This weekend they took them to an indoor dog park and they played well with all the other dogs, just not with each other. If one has something the other will come over and try to take it away. As a result, at this point in time, they have no toys in the house since that was causing too many skirmishes.  But they are getting more obedient. They sit, lay down, come when called, shake hands, etc. So they know their names and that if they get too nasty with each other one will get a time out in a quiet room away from the others. That was quite funny really. just like little kids.

After their play time I had to move the car so Andrew could go out so Norah and I went downtown to lunch. Went to a sweet coffee/sandwich shop not far from their house and then walked down to Broadway and went to the Northshire Book Store. All my book friends would love this store. They have wonderful books, places to sit and read and the kids department is to die for. Lots of very good books and things to do.  I will have to go back up there before I go south again.

Then better yet we went to the Candy Store right next to the book store.  We each bought a piece of nut and chocolate covered butter crunch. It is so good. Glad I bought myself another piece for tomorrows treat. Also brought home some dark chocolate covered almonds for Denis and I.

The drive home was very nice.  Will have to go up and visit the puppies again so they get to know me. They really pull at the leash when walking outside. On the ice paths it was a bit much. They will have to come down and visit our dog park as it is outside and there is tons of room to run around. They are at a point where they could visit our house if I just got things off the ground, like stuffed animals and toys waiting for little people to come and visit.  Since the dogs are more likely to come around I think I can take care of that.

The old lap top I have been using, a hand me down from Denis, is acting up again. Saying it has no access to memory etc so I am running a test and seeing if I can get it going again.  One of my goals this week is to clear it out and copy all the files to thumb drives and then delete everything off that laptop and start using this one as the only one. Or maybe clear off personal stuff and use that one for N-CAP only. That might not be a bad idea. I have things on four machines which is nuts. I have trouble parting with old machines because I am afraid I have left pictures on there I will want in the future. What do people do???? Actually I have things on five machines now that I think of it. that is ridiculous as my granddaughter would say.  This house is so cluttered with new technology we need to take action.

After talking with Norah about it today I am going to purge my closets of old sheets and towels. How many of these things does one house need really.  After all, we rarely if ever have company so one set of sheets for the three guest beds would be more than enough. So, I think that will be a plan, get rid of all the ones up here except one set for each bed. And same with blankets. One duvet for each bed. Then for us we need two sets of sheets and a few blankets or one good duvet and a summer blanket for me. I love to be under a blanket all year round. Not sure where that came from but that is the way I like it, so be it.

My biggest hang up is the things my mom made, I have rugs, and quilts and baby outfits, and christmas ornaments, and stuffed animals etc. all made by my mom over the years. And how about the baby quilts that the kids got as gifts when they were born. Since Ian is the only one who has children to pass things on to what do I do with them. Any suggestions?  I could give them to the battered woman’s shelter to give to little kids who show up with nothing. My mom did not make most of those ones so parting with them would not be quite as bad.  Of course I could just stay here and leave all this here and let my kids figure it out when we are gone but I would rather not to that. Part of me wishes my mom had personally distributed her things to us before she was incapacitated.

Anyway, I ramble on here this evening. Am tired after a fun day and look forward to a day of writing and sorting tomorrow. Might try working on the book in the morning before I go out to Yoga class at 1. I just have to get back to the book. I have so many thoughts going around in my head and I have to get it all down on paper.  That is the problem with being ADD. I have trouble sticking to things since my mind is always running in high gear and the thoughts bounce from one thing to the other so quickly I can hardly keep up.  It drives Denis crazy and probably Norah as well. I realized at lunch I was jumping all over the place. So much I wanted to talk to her about.

Pleasant dreams all.




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