February 15, 2015 – The Love and Laughter goes on

I had not planned to watch SNL reunion but since I did watch the darn show for years I am hooked.

Today I did not step out of my house…. So cold and windy.. the snow stopped in the morning but then the temps dropped severely again.  At one point I looked out the window and there was snow swirling off my neighbours roof and I could not see anything but snow.  I thought it was snowing again until I found out it was just the wind… Burr.

I was totally disorganized today so finally was upstairs going through a box of pictures. I have been looking for my old photo album for ages and I found it. old school pictures. wish I had gotten the name of that fellow in Galway who went to Eggert Road School 13 with me, I have class pictures with all the names on them,, Oh well. Also found some pictures from weddings I was in,  Going to post some of them..  also found mom and dad’s wedding pictures and dads graduation picture from the U of Toronto.

Last night I wrote about how I met Denis. will add a little more to the story…  We decided to get married one night sitting outside my house on Glenwood Road. well, my folks house.  I was pretty nervous and was afraid he would not want to marry me after I told him about my “secret”  I was on the verge of tears and told himI had to tell him something and That I was afraid it was a deal breaker.   He then looked upset as well. I knew I had to tell him.   After getting myself together I told him that since I was a young child I had had this disease that I did not understand called alopecia.  I first got it whe I was less than two years old and I never understood what it was I just knew it was something we never talked about in my house.

After I explained to him that my hair would some times fall out and sometimes grow and I never knew what to expect.  It was amazing..  He kind of laughed and said we will make a great pair. when he was twelve it turns out he drove his bike into the back of a car and knocked his front teeth out. So we were even. he figured we were even.. I cried tears of happiness at that point.  he was definitely every thing I thought he was, kind, loving and caring and a good friend and accepting.  how lucky could I be to have met this wonderful man,

So we made our plans to marry the following spring and got officially engaged on Mother’s Day that May.  In the summer we took at trip up to Canada so Denis could meet my mothers family and on the way home we decided to get married in October. my poor Mother was a trooper and we got everything done and were married in October and moved to Saratoga..

Now now during the time we were dating and getting engaged that spring  Denis was playing the part of one of the fathers in the Fantastics. I went to most of the rehearsals with him and got to know the cast well.  they were great and the show was great.  we used some of the music in our wedding and have seen the play numerous times over the years and still love the music.  It our special play.  during  the winter while we were dating one of the wonderful things we did was to see Gordon Lightfoot at Carnegie Hall in NY City.  after that we together were fans for life and we used his song “Beautiful”in our wedding and have been to so many of his concerts over the years.

So that was some of what our life was before we were married.    busy time, fun times and great life.

Pictures: Nancy, Mary Eileen and I;  Pat, Charlie, Denis, Charles, me, Nancy and Mary Eileen;  Uncle Ferg giving a toast;  Denis and I;  Aunt Jean- my god mother and life saver and I;  Denis’s Mom, U.S. My mom and dad..

image image Nanc, Mary Eileen and Iimage image image image



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