February 14, 2015 – Love is in the air

So much about Valentines Day on Facebook wonder if any one is out celebrating it or just writing about it. At 70 one hardly gets all excited about Valentines Day. I mean really, if we don’t know we are loved by the person we are living with my now – we have a problem.  We had a nice dinner out last night and tonight we ate another good dinner which I cooked and then shared part of our Whitmans Sampler I bought just for fun and I knew we would both like it…  But this is how it all began…

I met Denis at a gathering of his theater group which had just moved up to Our Lady of Fatima Church in Scarsdale.  They had been tossed out of their church where most of them had gone to school from k-8th grade for singing “Where have all the Flowers Gone” at a folks Mass. Some big donor to their church had complained about them singing anti war songs so they were told to cease and desist.

I walked into the meeting room in the basement of the Church or the Rectory and there was this group of people my age I had never seen before.  They were into putting on plays and that sounded like something I might like to be involved with.  His brother Charlie was there, Frank Vitolo and Judy Casey, John Clark and others.  They were all very welcoming so after the meeting I decided to get involved.

The first play they did I just collected tickets at the door since I was not so sure I could act? I mean really, that was not something I had done since High School when I was in the Senior Play. The next thing they did was the “Wizard of Oz” and that interested me so I tried out and lo and behold I got the part of Dorothy.  My mom sewed me up a costume and I did it.  Was fun and I really enjoyed it. The next play I did was “You Can’t Take it With You” and I played Penny the mother.  Darn it was fun as were the gatherings after rehearsal down in Bronxville at this little bar.  The Bartender knew all the guys so they could go in the kitchen and make food and sometimes I think I remember them pouring their own drinks.  It was a fun time.  Along the way Denis and I got to know each other and started dating.  As they say the rest is history.  There is much more to that story but not the time tonight to go into the depths of the story.

Anyway, marrying each other was good for both of us.  We have made a good life together and have a friendship and a love that has endured.  He has his PhD because I pushed him to go for what his dream was and I finished my MA because he told me  I could do it. I did and as a result I had a nice little career in my field of addictions.  He is so happy teaching that it is like a dream come true for him.

Having the school house in Canada has been a work of love for both of us.  After my dear Mary died we talked about not going through with the renovations and building because she was gone and it was going to be so painful not having her around but we decided she would want us to do it and we both really wanted to so we did.  That has been another dream come true for me since my entire life I wanted to live up there.  The pull has been so strong all my life and now I can do that.

Our four children are all doing well in their lives. They have directions, work they enjoy doing and good friends who care about them and the ones who are together with a partner are all happy and we are pleased for that.  Life is good as one might say.  There are the down times and we get frustrated with each other but that passes.  We know our differences and at times they drive us crazy and other times we totally appreciate those differences. They are what gives us balance.

So, I hope those of you with a loved one have a Happy Valentines Day and those of you who are on your own out there just know there are people who do love you and care about you.  No one is totally on their own.

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4 thoughts on “February 14, 2015 – Love is in the air”

  1. I went back to the start with your blogs and i am happy that you are writing about the school house as it is near to my heart because my family grew up and went to the school in that area.
    Thank you.


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