February 13, 2015 – Friday the thirteenth

Well, today was the 13th but contrary to tradition I had a very nice day.  up early and off to the Holiday Inn Express to meet my bud Judi there for breakfast.  We were going to a meetng but had agreed to get together before hand.  I think at this point Judi and I have known each other for at least twelve years. she works in prevention in Long Beach on Long Island.  You may have read about Long Beach as it was hit by the hurricane and so much was destroyed.

We had a good visit. then headed over to the OASAS offices next door for our state Environmental Prevention Meeting. If you are wondering, environmental prevention for us are things like a social host law to fine or arrest those who host drinking/drug parties for underage youth. Or to see that our law enforcement folks are trained on successful ways to break up teen parties where they don’t just tell the teens to go home but have them each call their parents to come and pick them up at the house where the party is held.. That gets the parents attention for sure…  Those are the kinds of community changes that can have a profound effect on underage alcohol use.  Some of the other things we have worked on have been the drug drop off days with the DEA. those days got tons of drugs out of medicine cabinets so that we had a huge drop in prescription abuse.

THe meeting was  good and we had a great conversation after the meetng and then Joyce, Rachel, Judi and I went out to lunch.  after  lunch I drove Judi to the train station when her taxi never showed up..

The. I headed towards home. Stopped at the bank to get some cash, got gas (.53) off per gallon so it was great to fill the tank for less than twenty dollars…  Thank you Price Chopper..  ThenI went grocery shopping and ran into friend Bede and had a great visit in the veggie dept.   whe. I got home Denis asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner this evening so we went to Otis and Oliver’s for ribs.. Yummy meal,,,,,,,,,

so sine it is almost midnight all I can say is what a great day.. Lots of social contact, blue skies, crisp cold weather and no cooking or cleaning so what is there to complain about. and ended the evening with an invite to go and play with the puppies tomorrow morning.  I think I will blow off my plans and do that before the snow gets too heavy….  So enjoy your day all,


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