February 11, 2015 – The King

“Dance Lightly with LIfe”

Today was a busy day. I got up early and went to the doctors office to the lab to give them some blood.  Then I went to an eye doctors appointment and got a clean bill of health. Everyone there was more interested in what Ireland was like than the condition of my eyes.

After a bite to eat I went down to Iroquois MIddle School to meet with Kristin our Grant Coordinator. We did some planning and came up with some good ideas. I am going to do the sustainability plan and then figure out a few things that folks can give us feedback on to get more participation.  It was a good meeting. Then I came home and eventually laid down on the couch and slept for a short while. Made pancakes and sausage for supper. and am now watching CBS shows.  Cannot wait for CIS Cyber to come on in a couple of weeks.

I thought I would talk about Kings tonight. I have always loved the monarchy, in fact growing up I thought I was related to the British Monarcy. I mean why not? I was a princess after all.  I had scrapbooks with news clippings of everything ever in the paper about Elizabeth, and Margaret. And when Elizabeth became Queen my mom and I watched the coronation together.  So, now i will introduce you to the two kings in our lives.

We have had two kings in our lives.  The first is Denis’ brother Charlie. When Tim was little he decided to call Charlie “King Baby Chuckles’. I don’t really know why he did that but Charlie was not enamored with the idea of that being his nickname.  Tim use to call him that for about three or four years and then it died out. It was definitely an affectionate name as Tim was so fond of Charlie.

Then when we moved to this neighborhood we had a fellow in the community called Vince Rinella. He worked in the fruit and vegetable markets in Menands so went to work in the middle of the night. He was older, his children were all up and out of the house and his wife was Anne Marie and she was at home.  What we did not know was that Vince often got home about the time the kids were waiting for the bus. He would stop and talk to the kids and they really liked him.

One day after going to Burger King the kids came home with one of those crowns and we wrote King of the Neighborhood on it and the next day at the bus stop they presented it to Vince.  He was thrilled to have his title.  He was one of the really nice caring members of our little community.

So Vince and Charlie have been the two kings in our lives.  Couldn’t ask for two nicer people.


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