February 10,2015. the Good and Bad and the Funny

“Don’t Fight Forces, Understand Them”


I almost spent the whole day in bed today, because I could..

Woke up with pain in my sinus’s and feeling like I must have been clenchng my teeth all night.  Pain does not become me.  And more snow coming on Thursday.  but I had a job to do this morning so I ate and read the paper and headed off to the post office.  yes, I have a hero at the post office..   This wonderful fellow went through the place and found my package and put it aside for me when I could get there.  I was so happy to have that box in my hand…

Shop Rite is across the street so I went over there and figured I would get some more gluten free food for myself. turns out they have rearranged the foods and now there is an entire row easy to find what I wanted..

Came home and did a couple of things and headed out again for a doctors apt followed by hunting around Home Depot for kitchen Counter materials..  I Have to make a decision about what I want so Mr USA Handiman can come and do the work.  I have been talking about this for awhile and I have decided this is the week to start to work on it..   Hard to know which way to go, the guy at Homw .depot does. It like Coreon, he was suggesting granite. not what my guy had suggested.   guess he and I have to have a talk to figure this out.

Tai Chi was tonight and so happy that I went. Had a great class starting over again from the beginning. I was pleased that I still remember the first third on my own doing the steps by myself.   Now I am having an NCIS night…  I like the new New Orleans one but the original is my favorite so Tuesday nights that is it….

Well nite folks, a short night tonight.


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