February 8, 2015 – Skating, airplanes and Earnest

“Be a passionate participant in life”


Yesterday was such a full day that by the time I got home I could do nothing except go to sleep. First time since August I have not written something each day.  I have to work to make sure that does not become habitual.

The day started out yesterday with skating lessons for the little girls, except one of them refused to get dressed to go as she wanted nothing to do with leaving the house. So, she went in her PJ’s.  It felt like history repeating itself since I do remember the time I carried her father to the bus stop in his PJ’s with his clothing in a bag and threw him on the bus and told the bus driver maybe at some point during the day he would decide to get dressed and then I walked away.  All my friends were laughing their heads off at me as this kid was stronger than I was so the whole event was not pretty.  I really thought that once we arrived she would get her act together but no such thing.  So she watched her sister skate and then after as we were leaving she wanted to stay and watch the zamboni clean the ice but that was a no…. no snack or treat, just going home.

So, that was not such a fun time for all.  Lunch was eaten and then at noon Ian was taking me to the airport. Only Little Bear wanted to go. It was hugs all around and goodbyes and off we went.  LB slept once we got going which probably worked to her Dad’s advantage since he wanted to pick up groceries on the way home.  I got through check in quite quickly at the Southwest gate. Checking a bag is you have a boarding pass turned out to be very easy.

Secondary hunger was setting in meaning potato chips and a veggie/fruit drink. Got those, went to my gate and stuffed those down.  The wi-fi would not work so solitaire was my game of choice until time to leave.  Only problem was the crew for the flight was coming in on another plane which was late arriving. 30 minutes late we left so when I came off the plane Denis was waiting outside the security area.  Happy to see my guy.  Got the bag and then home.

We were going out at 6:30 so grabbed a shower and unpacked and Denis went out and picked up one of those lovely little chickens all cooked and we had a salad with that.  He takes good care of me in case you want to know. Some day I will tell you about what a stunning catch this man was and  continues to be.

On our way to the play we picked up Laura since she was going to see her husband Rich in the play for the second time.  Arrived just as the doors opened. It was interesting. They did the play in an upstairs room at Proctors Theater. I do the alcohol training for the bartenders up there in the fall and could not imagine how they could have sets etc. But they did.  They had one set which they put some extra’s into to change the venue.  There were seats for about 75 people if that.

The play was fun to watch. “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde.  It is cute and funny and it was interesting that they placed it in Schenectady.  Rich played the clergyman in the play who falls in love with the teacher.  He was very good and put on quite the accent for the part.  The woman who played the teacher was in school with Dan I think. Rachel Pearlman. Her mom was there and I use to work with her at CHP/Kaiser Permanente.  Since that time she works part time as a social worker and has become a Rabbi at Temple Gates of Heaven with Rabbi Cutler.  Lucky her to be working with him. He is one special guy.

After the show the four of us went over to a bar on Clinton Street where they were having open mic comedy.  Rich although a social worker full time has taken courses in stand up comedy and is really quite good at it.  He did not do his thing last night but we heard some pretty funny guys and one that was not too funny at all.  At that point, drinks were done and we all decided to leave.

Was a grand day when looking back at it. Full for sure and I slept like a log all night. In fact, I skipped church and stayed in bed until noon. The last hour I was laying there listening to the Moth Story Hour. Love that show.  Expected there would be more snow that what we had but it did continue off and on all day and they say more is coming over night and then all day tomorrow.  Wonder if that will really happen. We have had so many fizzles this winter just have to wonder who is taking care of us.  Suppose to get 8-16 inches.

I have a plan for tomorrow to get up and actually get somethings done if I am going to be at home. Otherwise I will drive up to Saratoga and go to a meeting at the Library. Was going to visit the puppies but their mom is not going to be home so will have to do that later in the week.  They are so cute and I love to visit them. More fun that visiting cats.

So that is the end of this more than 24 hour report.  Was thinking of writing more of an interest piece but think that will be for tomorrow.


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