February 5, 2015 – The Fun Changes

At 7:46 this morning I rolled over and looked at the clock. first I smiled realizing that The night was over and this was my first moment of awareness. the second realizations was over sleeping and that I was LATE!!!! so I did the old usual high school thing of dressng and out of the house in ten minutes.  they were going to stop serving breakfast at 8:05 so I rushed off and sure was glad that I did.

The breakfast speaker was a fellow by the name of Rodney Wambean PhD. he gave a fabulous presentation on the younger generation of today, It was a very positive and upbeat talk and I learned something from it, such as how we need to really reach out to the younger folks to ask them to help,with out media, Internet communications where we are not reaching the population we need to.  and to realize this is one of the most caring generations in a long time. they are passionate about fixing the world and believe they can do it because they have always been told they can do anything they set their minds to. they are not the Downton Abbey set for sure.

so that started off the morning, then I happily went to the workshop on scoring grants again this year.  the Drug free Grants are peer reviewed and scored by people who have had the grants. I got to meet the two women who helped me figure out what I was going last year and in the end I really enjoyed doing the work. and I got paid for it.

checked out of my room and checked the bags and went to the closing awards luncheon. The meal was so,so but it was good to spend the last hour or so there with my friends. the I got my bags and found my

way back to Takoma on the metro. Met a fellow along the way who had been in downtown DC having his 40th birthday lunch with some friends..He was cute and talkative, IM learned where he lived, that he has three daughters and works in Takoma.  He was very nice and I imagine had a few celebratory drinks with his lunch.

so, I am beat. we ate dinner out and the kids are asleep and so might Ian be, since it is nine pm and we are not seeing him.

The end of a great week in DC and maybe tomorrow I will sleep in and the take a long walk around the town, eat lunch out or something like that. a day to myself in the kind of town I would like to live in.

sleep tight

image image image image image image



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