February 3, 2015 A long, long day

Up at the crack of dawn after not a great nights sleep…  So tired to start the day.the first session of the day was really good. first the Acting head of the Office of National .drug Control,Policy followed by four of the former heads of that office, William Bennett, General Barry McCaffrey, John Walters and Dr, Lee Brown,  The nice part was that they did. It have to be politically correct and spoke openly about problems..  everyone was really pleased with them..  Bill Bennett was also hawking his new book.  but he was a good speaker…

then I went to a very good workshop, well, actually three during the rest of the day.   We are lunch at a suppose to be Irish pub and a steak and seafood place for dinner, both were good. sarah Dakin and I shared a crime brûlée for dessert which made my day.   Fran Harding had dinner with us which was a treat. Loved getting to have. A visit with her, Been a long time.

Then we rushed back to the hotel to see Kristen graduate from the Coalition Academy.  My pictures did not turn out well. But I will upload some of them anyway

Tomorrow we head to the capital in the afternoon and Paul Tonko my terrific Congressman is coming to speak in the morning,

image image image image image


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