February 2, 2015 – a New Adventure

Today started out really well. Up at 6 AM and out of the house by 6:45. Took the Red line one stop too far and had to return to Gallery Place to catch the Yellow line. But I still arrived before 8 am at the Eisenhower Ave stop and got the shuttle to the hotel.   Yeah team!!!!  I was so happy that I figured it all out and got here with plenty of time. Everytime I do this kind of thing it builds confidence.

Checked in and was in my room and changed my clothes and downstairs by 8:45. Found some of my National Guard folks and sat with them. There is a large contingency of NY State folks attending so it is like old home week.  Fran Harding who is head of CSAP (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention) spoke twice in the morning and it was good to see her. She is a great person and came from NY State OASAS to the Feds a few years ago.

We walked down through the area to find a place to have lunch.  Ended up down by the water and had a nice salad and shared some fries.  It was good to be outside and get some air.  There were two sessions this afternoon and then we went to the reception they had at 5:30. Saw some more people I  know and was especially happy to see Carlton Hall from CADCA. He did workshops for me in Rensselaer County years ago when he was working for Communities That Care.  It was like old home week for sure.

After a little break we went out to eat.  I had a mexican dish, yes folks, something I would not normally eat. Not sure if it was gluten free but am sure it was beef free.  My camera decided not to open up. It has the same problem it had in Ireland. The lens cover gets stuck and won’t open. Darn, missing some good pictures. Did take some with the IPad but they are not as good as the camera would be.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Up early and workshops all day. Have not figured out what I am going to attend tomorrow.  One of the workshops I went to today was terrible. Did not give me anything I could use.  So tomorrow I will try and find something better.

When I am ready I will get back to some of the tough stories of our neighborhood, but for now will focus on this week and hopefully tomorrow we will explore more of this area.

Short entry tonight, have a good day.

image image image


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