February 1, 2015 – The Super Bowl

Yes, it is true, a Super Bowl Party with two little kids and three adults. We had chicken fingers, Brie with maple syrup and almonds, cut up veggies, cheese and Crackers and some other goodies. So the kids thought this was a great way to eat dinner.  Now after baths and while listening to stories I thought I would start writing since I have to get up “very” early tomorrow to get to the Gaylord by 9 am.

The truth of the matter is I don’t give a darn about the Super Bowl.  I find professional football something I cannot truly support.  And most professional sports for that matter.  But they are the big guys along with basketball who use colleges as their training camps. Football coaches in the big schools make well over a million a year and yet classes are being taught by adjuncts making between $2,000 and $4,500 a class depending on the school.  Full time professors are not being replaced but the football programs get whatever they want.  And the worst part in my mind is what they do to these young men.   Not all of them will ever see a professional game and yet they also graduatewithout an education if they graduate at all.

Then I heard about the guy who went to the press meetings because they told him if he didn’t he would be fined $500,000 and he was fined a few weeks ago for wearing a hat with a non-approved logo.  Yet the NFL is well known for ignoring reports of drug and steroid use and arrests for abuse, intoxication, DWI etc.  But they love being called role models for our youth, especially our most vulnerable youth.   They ignored for years the problems with concussions since winning was all it was about.  They don’t care about the players unless they are outstanding stars.  And take a look sometime at the financial situation of some of the retired players who were great athletes but did not have the financial skills or assistance to handle their money well. It is just so sad to me that again “big business” keeps making their big bucks and the people of this country just go along.

Football back in the day was great and when the players did not make so much and the owners did not make a bundle. Cities were not expected to provide big expensive stadiums at the cost of not fixing up other integral infrastructure in our cities.

So I ask, what is this all about. Reminds me of the Roman times and the gladiators. What is about humanity that we look up and get all stoked up about this kind of game and these organizations? I just don’t get it.

During the college basketball tournament in March I love it when the little underfunded schools step up and knock out some of the big schools.  My feeling has always been that these are the schools with heart instead of a big budget.  When Union won the National Hockey Championships last year I could not have been happier.  When you look at the school where they have to maintain a good grade average and graduate with degrees that mean something without scholarships to play hockey.  They probably get student aid but not the way the kids in the big scholarship schools do.

So, tonight I am rooting for Seattle.  Aside from having lived out there for a few years my reason would be what has gone on these last few weeks in Boston.  I mean really, deflated footballs.  This week someone suggested to me that the ball boy is going to take the fall. That this is probably a deal made with the team and in the future he will have enlarged bank accounts and a new job once the dust settles.  If that happens you have to be kidding me.  Do you really think some ball boy over the course of this season decided on his own to do this. The playoff game was not the first game this problem was brought up so you have to figure if he did it someone was telling him to do it.  So, I think they should not win. They might but as I said it won’t thrill me.

Kids are still not feeling great. Mom thinks it might be allergies from all the carpets in this house. Don’t know if they will be going to school tomorrow or not. I will be out of here early to get the metro down to where the hotel shuttle picks up people.  Sol took a long nap this afternoon but Little Bear did not sleep a drop and we all had a good laugh over her.  She was running around in tights that would not stay up and since she runs all the time she was constantly running with her little butt hanging out. She would laugh and laugh.  She is a funny little kid where her sister is very serious although she liked the joke we saw on facebook and had to ask her mom the question “If Olive Oil is made from Olives, What is Baby Oil made from?”  Giggle, giggle.

Enjoy the rest of the game and go Seahawks.


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