January 27, 2015 – Winter wonderland

I did not sleep well last night and ended up waking up for the last time at about  6 am.  I went into the bathroom and peeked out the window to find that the driveway still had no snow on it.  Later they said that the storm had gone 50 miles to the east and therefore we missed the worst of it.   The children are all upset according to my friends since schools were opened after going to bed thinking they had a snow day.

I did somethings and then at 9 went back to bed to listen to the Roundtable on WAMC. My favorite morning show. I use to be a talk show junkie but have stopped listening to them since they got so hateful and one sided. I use to love listening to Ellie Pankin when we first lived here. She would have all kinds of neat guests on and I learned a lot.  But now it is all “boo, bad president” stuff all day long. And the misinformation just makes me wonder if these local guy ever read anything. So that is why if you found me listening to the radio it would be public radio.

Anyway, after they were done I made some calls and changed some appointments. I forget to take my new calendar with me and lo and behold of an entire open week I double book weds at 11 am.  That book is like a bible and I need to have it with me or I am lost.  I did not write anything in it before we left Ireland and now I am constantly playing catch up. Things like – “When am I doing coffee hour at church?”  It will work itself out eventually.

At 10 am just as the weather guys said this morning the snow started and it has been coming down since then. Not heavy for sure and due to end by dinner time.  I just saw a school bus go by so I assume they were all good kids and went to school.  It looks very pretty out actually. If it is sunny tomorrow it will be fabulous. I love seeing the clean white snow. If I felt better I would head out and ski around the neighborhood on the street or in yards. Have not done that is a few years.

Tried to go back to sleep with no luck so got up and have been putzing around since then. I took some more pictures of the snow so will put up one of yesterday and one of the same places today.

Then I got a lot of things done that I had on my list. I finished the family birthday list. Printed out the first pages of Aunt Pats letters, and what I have written so far.  Also started to work on her time line.  The beginning is easy but since she could not say where she was it takes researching the hospital  and where it was at what time. Those records are some on line and some in Ottawa so I know I am taking a trip up there in the spring or summer. I love this work.

DSCN4479 DSCN4481


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