January 26 , 2015 – the big fizzle

I know there is a huge blizzard heading towards New England.  They have been hyping this all day long and how up here we would get 8-12 inches. Just saw on the news that they are down grading things around here. We will still get snow up just not at much.  It is always amusing to watch all this on TV.  They just go on and on.  If the storm goes 50 miles east we might get nothing.   Then all those school that are closed will be kicking themselves.  Will be interesting to see.

Today was the first time in months that I attended my writing group It was great.  I like hearing that they have been working on and reading my own writing to get feedback.  Most of them are published which means they have a lot of experience. Hopefully some of that is rubbing off on me.

I was upstairs this morning printing out more of my short stories about Aunt Pat.  I think I realized that I want to change them into the first person. I want Pat to tell her own story and not use the third person telling.  I reread the beginning of what I wrote last year and believe I need to start editing the recent things I have written into the first person.  So at least that step has been taken.

Leaving on thursday so started packing today. Washed clothes and hung them up to dry.. So I should be set to go and see my little girls. We are going skating on Saturday morning. That should be interesting. I have not skated since I worked at CHP. that ended 15 years ago so not sure this will be very pretty.  But will give it a try.  Then we might go to Color me Mine to paint some pottery. So Saturday will be a busy day. Friday I will be on my own so asked the kids to find a project for me to do and I hope to take a long walk around their town to check out more of the shops.  Should be a fun time..

As you can tell I am not in a story telling mood at the moment.   But I am going to paste one of my stories about Pat into this post just so you can see where I am going with it.

October 16 – revision, more description not first person
Patsy and the record second time around
Patsy comes into the living room after supper and sits herself down on the settee and wraps a blanket around herself. It is January 10th and it is 20 degrees below zero outside. The fire helps to take away the chill in the air. The windows shake when the wind blows and no matter what the family does to take away the cold there are always the drafts which chill one to the core.
As she curls up in the blanket quilt her gr grandmother had made she smells the pipe tobacco as her dad lights his pipe. This warm wonderful smell has always made her feel safety and comfort. Her dad was a little man in stature but with a very big heart and as kind a person as you could meet. He also had a feisty side which Pat thinks has made her a little closer to him that her five sisters. Although as a close knit family with many extra folks coming and going all the time everyone is always busy so this quiet time she treasures. Everyone else after supper seems to have disappeared although she can still hear conversation coming from the kitchen. She has been home just one day and it surprised at how good everyone is being to her and respecting her request for no special treatment.
Her dad is watching her from behind his newspaper. His little girl is so ill and he can do nothing to make her better. All his years in medicine and he is helpless to make a difference. This is the child who has always been so full of life and even as life is leaving her she is able to see goodness and opportunities all around her. He wonders what they could have done differently the first time she was so ill a year ago. Did they not do the correct tests on her? What did they miss? Part of him is filled with such anger and rage that this is happening and part of him feels such guilt that he can do nothing to make it go away.
Patsy had asked dear old Maude the house keeper to bring down a box of her war items to go through. The old dear was a cousin who was living alone on the family farm after the deaths of her father and brothers. Dad had invited Maude to take a job as their housekeeper as a way of maintaining her dignity, and giving her some income. The farm was being sold and that would also give her some funds to take vacations to visit members of her family or whatever she wanted. Dad was always so generous in that way. Many relatives had or were living with us who had no place to go. It was his way, learned from his father and grandfathers.
The box was sitting on the floor next to Pat and as she stared at it she wondered if she would be able to do this. The memories were so vivid in her mind of those three years of her life. It had changed her and in some way fulfilled a need in her to go the extra mile. Picking out the enveloped stuffed with airgrams, that old army blue, she thought she would not throw those away. They were a story to be told and her family loved keeping old letters and someday some of her nieces or nephews might want to read them. A world war would be strange to them she hoped. She never really was able to give details in the letters because of the censors but there was enough there to give them the flavor of war.
The sight of the record took her breath away. Patsy had relived that night so many times in her mind. Charles had been the love of her life and the record was just some kind of confirmation that they had really been together and that it wasn’t a fantasy she had dreamt. As she took the record out of the box she felt herself drifting back in time.


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