January 22, 2015 – Growing up a princess

Yes indeed it is true, I was raised to be a princess.  When I was young I collected everything that had to do with the Royal Family. I loved going through my scapebook of pictures taken out of Time and Newsweek or the Buffalo Evening News. I had pictures of the Royal Wedding and the children and oh how I wanted to be a part of that family. What a fairytale life they led.

That was all in my head of course. I also loved the story of Sleeping Beauty and was waiting for that kiss to wake me up and find myself facing Prince Charming.  It is for sure my favorite fairy tale which therapists will tell you your favorite fairy tale is very significant.  I definitely could not relate to Cinderella at all, Why? Because I was a princess not a scullery maid.

My mothers aunt madeline’s mother taught her that if you never learned how to do something no one would ask you to do that. And if they did you could always say, “I don’t know how”.  I thought my mother was saying that as something bad, but when I grew up I realized that was a big part of what she did with me.  I never had chores to do around the house, I never washed dishes unless I chose to do it. I never cleaned my room unless someone was coming over and I had to make room for them. Really and truly, my brothers probably know this – I never had to do a blessed thing.

And in addition, I could get anything I wanted especially from my dad if I asked, he said no, and I would make some kind of threat. Such as the winter break when I wanted to fly up to WAtertown and spend a week with my cousins in Canada. I was told no way. So I just reared up and stated not to worry I would take the bus since I had enough in my babysitting money to do that.  Well, the princess could not go off on a bus could she????? So the next day I had my plane ticket in hand. Yup, I knew how to play it.

So essentially I grew up a spoiled brat.  Which if I had been terribly wealthy might have worked in my favor but not being wealthy it was a recipe for disaster.  Now just picture this, when we got married i really did not know how to do things in an organized way. I had not a clue about the kinds of chores that need to be done daily in a house or how often things needed to be put in the laundry etc. My bed was always made for me and how often the sheets got changed I did not have any idea.  It was like trying to do things with one hand tied behind my back. I stumbled through it and in many ways still do.

One of the funniest things that ever happened to me was when we lived in ColdBrook I believe. One morning I called my friend Jackie and asked her what she was doing. “Spring Cleaning!” she announced. I had to ask what that was. Again totally clueless. And it turns out she was a very thorough spring cleaner – she even washed all the walls and ceilings.  Whoa, I can remember thinking, What am I missing here? Am I suppose to be doing this too?  She must just be obsessive or something!  This cannot be what I am suppose to do…

Oh well, I did not do that because it made no sense to me. If walls were dirty you just painted them, right?  I had a hard enough time doing anything related to cleaning since I just could not get my unorganized mind around how you did it.

So here we are more than 40 years later. I still do not spring or fall clean. I do clean but it is always a struggle since I don’t know what order you are suppose to do things in or how often to really keep a place clean. So my mom did me no favor in not teaching me those things. Maybe she did not know either, after all she grew up with live in help most of the time. Maybe she never had to do things either. No one around to ask about that so I will just continue in my princess roll until my time is over. Okay/????


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