January 20, 2015 – Yummy Dinner and great speech

Just before I start to write what is on my mind tonight want to tell you I had a fabulous dinner out tonight with Denis’ book club. Almost everyone brought their spouse with them tonight. I have never been to one of their meetings before.  We went to the Lakeside Restaurant in Round Lake. The meal was wonderful..  It was not too much and very good I had a pork tenderloin with a curry sauce Not too hot but just enough to make a tasty meal. And they had a flourless chocolate cake for dessert which was yummy….  It was a great meal and the company was great.  There were 11 of us.

We just watched the State of the Union speech.   I liked it.  I wish there was hope that they would all work together to help my kids with tax breaks etc.  With one kid unemployed with huge college debt he could use some relief..  I loved the woman who gave the Republican response.  When she talked about bread bags on the teet, I remember those and we were middle class and pretty comfortable.

My Dad worked hard to get where he did in the end and my mom never worked outside the house. She worked hard in the house though.  When we lived in Seattle we used cookie sheets or old boxes for sleds. We certainly weren’t poor but the parents were darn frugal in some areas. Dad had his sailboat and all his toys and we pretty much got anything we really wanted.  I have no idea what living poor really is. Even when we got married and Denis was making about 9,000 a year I cannot say I ever thought we were poor. Just figured we were starting out, living on one salary like my parents had. We ate well, paid our rent and bought a house a year later. We certainly ate well and paid our bills etc.

So, the point is that those  bread bag covers on the shoes, rich, poor or middle class kids wore them over their shoes at some point.. Oh and I saw

ANyway, I was going to get into something else but it is after 11 pm and I am tired so am going to bed. Will work on this tomorrow since I want to get some pictures to add to the new post.  Only slept about 3 hours last night because of this darn infection. Stayed home today and did not even feel like going for a walk.  Aside from the infection I am also feeling like I have a cold again.  Am really getting tired of this.. Sleep well all.


One thought on “January 20, 2015 – Yummy Dinner and great speech”

  1. Those urine infections can make you feel quite ill, it may have been hanging around for a while. Let me read that you sat down for two days on the run and read a book or something. Which. Hopefully I am going to do tomorrow. Also try to see the new film or read Testament of Youth one of my favourite books. Xx


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