January 16, 2015 – The enamored young priest – guess at what happened

I am only going to do a cut and paste of a few entries of the diary because it is obvious after returning from her fathers funeral Frances was hurting big time and turned to religion to help her out.  But as you read in addition to filling her time going to church and keeping as busy as she could she found herself in a very uncomfortable position with one Father Scanlon.  It sounds like she certainly handled it but after trusting this man and telling him all her pain and fears I am sure she was shocked to be in the turn of events that she was.

So I will leave that for you to figure out.  I won’t put more in since she went home and visited her dear close friends and what few relatives she had.  In the fall she began teaching at St. Patricks School in Kingston Ontario until she married my grandfather who she met later on and they moved to Gananoque Ontario. She buried all that grief and tried to get on with her life.  Her sister Jen died in 1903 from TB and her Aunt Jen died in 1910.  Her brother Jim and his wife Mary Campion never had children so Frances had no nieces or nephews and neither did her husband Fergus since his sister Madeline never married. So, they had 8 children, 5 of whom married and produced 25 and now there are tons of cousins, plenty to go around in each family.

So here is the last section of the diary that I will share with you.  See if you can guess what happened!

Thurs. 8 June. ’99. Father Scanlan preached. Met him after Benediction. Enjoyed his company.

Frid. 9 June. Burnstown picnic. Went to Father Scanlan & had quite a talk.

Sat. 10 June. Heard 3 Masses & had a talk with Father S. after last Mass. Went to McCreas for Tea & enjoyed the evening.

Sun.11 June.’99. Heard two Masses. Saw Father S – before Mass. Went to McCrea’s for dinner. Fathers Ryan & S- left for Mount St. Patrick. Sorry to see them go.

Frid. 23 June’99. Lovely day. Went to Renfrew with Mrs Easton. Jack Easton & Mr Hines. Went to Miss French’s and after tea went to Church. Saw Fr. Scanlon. Met Father Frank French of Brudenell. “One month”

Sat. 24 June’99. Lovely day. Received at Early Mass. Had a talk with Father Scanlan after Mass. Took weak & had to go out. Met Father Ryan & was introduced to Bishop Lorrain had a talk with him. Saw Father Scanlan after dinner. Went to church & after went for a drive. ! A mistake.

Sun. 25 June. Fine day. Wentto 6:30 Mass & also to 10. After went to say “Goodbye” to Father S _ in the afternoon a sermon for “Young Girls” by Father McPhail. After saw Fr. S – again & said “Goodbye”. Drove back with W.J. Reddy & Sister. Remained there all night.


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