January 15, 2015 – Sadness comes again

“Face your difficulties with a willing heart”

Frances returns from her sisters funeral to face life again teaching school way up north away from family and friends.  She has made some good friends in Springtown but it is not the same as those she loves and misses at home.  Never before Mary dies or after does she write about what happened to Mary or what she knew of what was happening at home. After reading the diary several times I have concluded that they kept her in the dark about how sick Mary was or I am sure she would have wanted to be at home. They had sent her away to remove her from the danger of contracting TB. I need to find out more about TB, such as at what point is in contagious, since she was home at Christmas and was exposed to everyone in the house.

It makes my heart break for her. To imagine being away from home, already having lost your mother and then to have the disease in the house again and all that meant. Her brother Jim was already out and working as at some point the family had sent him away as well. Why they did not send Mary and Jen away I don’t know but wish I knew more about it.

Denis has suggested that I make this into a story and I actually had started on that before we left on our trip. Maybe I will go back to that and put it on here afterwards.

So here are the next months after Mary’s death to when the next death occurs. March 25, 1899 – June 1899

Sat. 25 Mar. ’99. Sad day. Ag & Mrs. Shields came up on the evening train. Dr. McC came home Sat 4 am remained up Sat night.

Sun. 26 Mar. ’99. Went to 6:30 Mass at House of P……. A fine day. Mary’s funeral at 2:30 p.m. A very large one. Very lonesome.

Mon. 27 Mar. ’99. Ag went home at 7 p.m.

Tues… Friday 28 Mar to 31 Mar. Very lonesome time.

Sat. 1 Apr. ’99. Ag came up again. Very pleasant surprise.

Sun. 2 Apr. ’99. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ag and I lounged.

Mon. 3 Apr. ’99. All the Gananoque people up. Ag went home with them. Miss Roach & H & M Short called, also Mary & Dr. McC…

Tues. 4 Apr. ’99. Mary Nolan & M. Pogue came over.

Wed & Thurs. 5 & 6 ’99. H. of P. Bazaar going on.

Frid 7 Apr ’99. Rained all day. “Saver” in City Hall. Called on Mrs. Ferrier. {cannot interpret “Saver” or Sawer?}

Sat. 8 Apr’99. Called on Mary Nolan and Clara O_.

Sun. 9 Apr.’99. Rather raw day. Went to Vespers. Dr. McC and Mary came down. Said “Au Revoir”

Mon 10 Apr. ’99. Left home at 11:50 – for Springtown. Pa, Jen& Jim down to train. Very lonesome. Reached here about 5:30 and had to give vent.

Tues. 11 Apr.’99. Resumed work. Class of 21. Received letter from Ag and Miss French. Very bad walking. Mrs McNeely drove me home.

Wed. 12 Apr.’99. Fine day. Roads very slushy. Had a class of 19. Rather lonesome. Must answer some letters.

Thurs. 13. Apr.’99. A pleasant day, very slushy. Had a class of 18. Received letter from Emma and “Dearest”.

Frid. 14 Apr.’99. Fine day. Rained at noon. Had class of 19. “Three weeks ago today”.

Sat. 15 Apr. Fine day. Sent letter to Dearest, Brudenell, & M. French. Worked _etc all day. Rather a long day. Played Flips at night.

Sun. 16 Apr.’99. Fine day. Slight fluery of snow. Went to Mass Received. Went to McCrea’s for dinner. Came back at 4 p.m. Had tea. Started the “Woman in White”.

Mon. 17 Apr. 99. Lovely day. Class of 20. Received a cake of maple sugar.

Tues. 18 Apr. ’99. Fine day. Class of 23. Received letter from Jen & Rose. Writing home. Very lonesome.

Wed 19. Apr. ’99. Lovely day. Had a class of 25. A beautiful night. The water very calm. Had a swing in the hammock.

Thurs. 20 Apr. 99. Fine day. Class of 26. Received two letters from Ag & one from “Ella”. Finished “A Woman in White”.

Frid. 21 Apr. ’99. Fine day. Class of 27. After tea played ball until 8 p.m. “Four weeks”.

Sat. 22 Apr. ’99. Fine day. Went to see Mrs Hartney. After dinner studied Harmony, received letter from Jen & Mrs Ryan. After tea I went for a sail then played Ball until 8 p.m.. The wrote to Jen & Ag.

Sun. 23 Apr. ’99. Lovely day. No church. Read & wrote all morning. Went to see Mrs. McNeely in the afternoon. Went for a walk down by the river & then to church & made the Stations of the Cross. Came here & wrote to Jen, Mary N. Effie & St. M.A. & parts to Dearest. Lonesome.

Mon. 24 Apr.’99. “One Month gone”. A lovely day. Had a class of 33. After tea helped with the flower bed & then played Ball until 7:30.

Tues. 25 Apr. ’99. Lovely day. Class of 34. After tea played Ball. Received letter from Ag & Jen.

Wed. 26 Apr. ’99. Lovely day. Class of 34. Began work at 8:30 a.m. Home at 5. Planted seeds. Examination work & wrote to Ag & Jen.

Thurs. 27. Apr. ’99. Lovely day. Rec’d letter from A.C. Played Baseball.

Frid. 28 Apr. ’99. Lovely day. Class of 35. Played Ball a little while. Worked Algebra with John. “Four weeks”.

Sat. 29 Apr. ’99. Very warm day. Went out for a row. Rec’d letter from Ag, Jen, Rose & Brudenell. Played Ball until late. Then washed my hair & wrote. Lonesome.

Sun. 30 Apr. ’99. Lovely day. No church. Wrote to Jen & Ag. Read. After dinner went for a row. Wrote to Miss Ryan. A long lonely day.

Mon. 1 May.’99. Rained during the day. Some thunder & Lightening. Class of 34, 43 registered. Rather tired.

Tues 2 May ’99. Lovely day. Class of 38. Plenty to do. Played Ball after tea & then worked for while with John & then worked alone until 10 p.m.

Wed. 3 May. ’99. Lovely day. Had a class of 40. “A son” came to Ms. Halliday to day. Went out on the river in the evening for nearly two hours.

Thurs. 4 May. ’99. Lovely day. 40. Rec’d letter from Jen, Ag & Miss Cunningham. Went for a row after tea. Baby very cross.

Frid. 5 May. ’99. “Six weeks” Arbor Day. All worked well & at present feel very tired. Out for a short row & played Ball.

Sat. 6 May.’99. Lovely day. Helped with Baby. Went for the mail. Played Ball after Tea & went for a row with Frank H.

Sun. 7 May.’99. Beautiful day. Went to Calabogie & then to McCrea’s. Remained until 5. Rather lonesome now.

Mon. 8 May.’99. Lovely day. 46 pupils now. After tea I rowed down to McCrea’s. Then played Ball.

Tues. 9 May.’99. Lovely day. Class of 42. Rec’d letter from Jen & Ag. Sent letter to Ellen & Brudenell. Mary buried.

Wed 10 May. Lovely day No rain yet. Class of 39. Went for a row with Rupert & John. Lovely night. Wrote to Ag & Jen.

Thurs. 11 May.’99. “Ascension”. No school. Rained all morning. Wrote to Rose, Emma & Miss Cunningham. Rec’d letter from Effie. Long lonesome day.

Frid. 12 May’99. “Seven weeks” How the time is going! After school I went to Kennedy’s. They made Ice Cream & Taffy. Remained until after twelve.

Sat. 13 May 1899. Lovely day. Rained a little in the morning. After dinner went to Mr John H – & remained for the night. Had a good time.

Sun. 14 May. ’99. Came back from H – at 12 o’clock. Rec’d Jen & Ag’s letter. Very lonesome.

Mon. 15 May ’99. Fine day. Little cool. Large class.

Tues. 16 May ’99. Cool day. Class of 44. Rec’d letter from Jen, M.N. & Emma Mac_. Sent letters to Jen, Ag & Eaton’s. Very, Very lonesome tonight.

Wed. 17 May’99. Fine day. Class of 47, 49 registered. Had a drive home with Mr McCrea. Went for a sail with Rupert.

Thurs. 18 May.’99. Rainy day. Large class. Received letter from “Ella”. Lonesome.

Frid. 19 May.’99. “Eight weeks”. Rainy day. Mrs Mather went home. Mr H_came home. Rec’d letter from Ag. Baby very good. Miss French came to school at 4 p.m..

Sat. 20 May ’99. Cold, dark day. Busy all morning. Went down and decorated the altar after dinner. Received “Lucille”.

Sun 21 May.’99. Cool day. Went to Mass & then to McCrea’s. Sang Benediction.

Mon.22 May.’99. Cool day. Getting ready for “Empire Day.”

Tues. 23 May.’99. Received another Telegram saying Father was sick. Went home to find he had died at 20 minutes to nine that morning. A sad homecoming. Ag & Mrs Shiels were up.

Thurs. 25 May. Father buried in the morning. Uncle John, Aunt Anne & Annie came over 24 May. I remainded home until Sat. 3 June & then I had to return to Springtown. Very lonesome. Jen & Jim down to the train.


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