January 13, 2015 – The story continues

I am going to put a picture on here of my grandmother and her siblings after their mother had died. My grandmother Frances was the youngest of the family. Her sister Mary is next to her and Jim behind her. Next to Jim is Jen (Jane) and in front of her is their Aunt Jen O’Neill who moved in to help take care of them after her sister Sarah O’Neill Keating died. To clarify for some of the family who expressed some confusion – Sarah died in 1892. She had taken in a young boy who’s mother had died and it turned out he had TB and gave it to Sarah and eventually most of the rest of the family. We don’t know who he was but her act of generosity turned out to be fatal to her.

Now to continue with the diary of Frances M. Keating from Feb. 1899

Wed. 1 Feb.’99. Quite cold. Had a class of 29. Had a good day. Designed a pattern for a mat. Wrote to Jen & Agnes.

Thurs. 2 Feb. 99. Lovely bright sunny day. Had a splendid day at school. Rec’d letter from Ag & from “Brudenell”. Gave John H his first lesson.

Frid. 3 Feb. 99. Not very cold. Wrote to Ag. & Brudenell. Read & worked.

Sat. 4 Feb. 99. Lovely day. Worked. Gave John his second lesson. Rec’d letter from home and a postal from Miss Leonard.

Sun. 5 Feb. ’99. A lovely day. Drove to Calabogie with Mrs. W. Reddy. A very pretty church. Back at 12:30. Wrote letters.

Mon. 6 Feb. ’99. Very cold in the morning. Warmer at four o’clock. Had a small class. Inclined to have a stiff neck.

Tues. 7 Feb.’99. Fine day. Had a good school day. Received no letters. Mrs. H’s visitor came. Sent the AM PT to Effie.

Wed. 8. Feb.’99. Snowing all day. Called on Mrs. McNeely. Gave John a lesson. Worked and wrote to Ag. C. Corrigan married.

Thurs. 9 Feb.’99. Cold and drifting. Rec’d letter from Jen & Ag. Grace Hopkins sick.

Frid. 10 Feb ’99. Very cold day. Had a class of 23. Wrote to Jen & Ag.

Sat. 11 Feb. ’99. Fine day. Went out for a skate in the afternoon. Rec’d letter from Jen.

Sun. 12 Feb.’99. Fine cold day. No church. Read and wrote. Quiet.

Mon. 13 Feb.’99. Fine and cold. Class of 28. Very tired. Wrote to Jen. Sent letters to “Ella” and Rose.

Tues. 14 Feb.’99. Fine sunny day. Rec’d letter frm “Brudenell”.

Wed. 15 Feb.’99. Ash Wednesday. Fine day, somewhat cloudy. Went to High Mass. Had only a small class. Went to Church at 4.30. Had stations, Beads & Benediction.

Thurs. 16 Feb.’99. A lovely soft day. Went to mass at 8.30 pm. Had only 18 in class. Rec’d letter from Dearest.

Frid. 17 Feb. ’99. Lovely fine day. Had a class of 29. Very good day. Wrote to Ag & Brudenell.

Sat.18 Feb.’99. Lovely day. Busy all day. Sent my letters to Renfrew. Rec’d letters from Jen, Rose, St. M.A., “Ella”, & A.C. Rec’d some of C.C’s wedding cake.

Sun. 19 Feb.’99. Went to Mass. Received. Afterwards went to Mr. Martin Reddy’s. At 4.30 had Stations, Beads & Benediction. Lovely in the morning. Quite cool in the evening. Saw Miss French.

Mon. 20 Feb.’99. Fine day. Walked to church. Miss French came up to school after Mass. Called on Mrs. Foster after 4.

Tues 21 Feb. ’99. Fine Day. Received Journal from Agnes. Photo from Mary N.

Wed. 22 Feb.’99. Snowed early all day. Quite fine.

Thurs. 23 Feb.’99. Blustry day. Roads quite heavy. Rec’d letter from Jen, Mary N. Ag. Effie A. & D. Whiteford.

Frid. 24 Feb.’99. Cold clear day. Anniversary of Archbishop Cleary’s death. Wrote to Jen, Ag. Mary N. D.W. & Miss Leonard.

Sat. 25 Feb. ’99. Cold and clear day. Mrs Easton & Miss Halliday came for tea. Received a photo from Jim and one from Ag.

Sun. 26 Feb.’99. Storming in the morning. Wrote to Jim, Ag, Ella, Miss Ryan, A – Long day.

Mon. 27 Feb.’99. Quite cold. Storming a little. Painted a little.

Tues. 28 Feb.’99. Not very cold. Stormed a little about five o’clock. Received letter from “Brudenell”.


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