January 12, 2015 – Frances begins her stay in Renfrew County

Diary of Frankie M Keating

Sun 1 Jan. Very cold day. Went to early mass. Came home & packed. All the family & Agnes went to Uncle Martins for dinner. Had a pleasant afternoon & evening. Ag & I had our last night together. Very lonesome.

Mon 2 Jan. Went to train at 11 a.m. Pa, Ag, Jen, Mary, Jim, Mary and Jim Nolan went down. Mary N gave me a good box of candy. Took train at 11:55. Miss Rogers of Gananoque & Jean English on board. Reached Calabogie at 5 pm. Met by Mr McCrea & drove to Springtown. Had tea. Went to bed early. At 10 a.m. Mon rec’d a letter from James E.

Tues 3 Jan. Opened school in the little red school house. Had class of 25. Favorably impressed. Closed at noon. After dinner got lonesome. Wrote to Ag & Jen. Then went for a skate. After tea drove to Mr Halleday’s my new boarding place.
4 Jan Wed. Had a class of 29. Very soft day, ice nearly all gone. Wrote on Jen’s & Ag’s letter, wrote to Effie. Lonesome.

Thurs 5 Jan. Had 30 in class. Warm in morning. Quite cold in evening. Rec’d letter from Dearest. Sent Letter to Jen. Wrote to J.E. McD.

Fri 6 Jan. Had a holiday. Snowing. Took out all my photoes & wrote to Rose, Mary Nolan & Ag. Reading “Opening of a Chestnut Burr” Very quiet & lonesome.

Sat 7 Jan. Cold blustry day. Cleaned my room. Wrote to Ella. Sewed a little. Read “Opening of a Chestnut Burr” Sat & thought of what was happening a week ago today.

Sun 8 Jan. Not very cold. Read & wrote all morning. After dinner went for a short walk up the road. Came back & read. Very quiet.

Mon 9 Jan. Very cold. Had a class of 20. Read & worked in the evening.

Tues 10 Jan. Very cold. Rec’d letter from Jen. Moved from downstairs to room upstairs.

Wed 11 Jan 98. Very cold still. Wrote letters and read.

Thurs. 12 Jan ’99. Received a 35 page letter from “Dearest” & received “Puck” also. Not so cold. Wrote to Dearest.

Frid. 13 Jan 99. Began Singing in school. Had a Table Match. Finished Ag’s letter. Sleet shower. Not so cold.

Sat 14 Jan. Much softer, but it has snowed all day is doing so now (7 pm) Sent letter to Ag. Washed my hair. Practiced & worked. Day passed well. Rec’d letter from Brudenell.

Sun 15 Jan ’99. Fine day, snow quite deep. Drove to church with Reddy’s. After church went to McCrea’s for dinner & met Father Ryan. Came back at 5 pm. Wrote to Jen & Ag.

Mon 16 Jan. ’99. Warm soft day. Got a drive to school in the morning. Have 34 on register now. Had a very good day.

Tues. 17 Jan. Fine in morning. Colder towards night. Rec’d letter from Emma Mac- , Mary and a volume of “Proctors Poems” & good wishes from Dearest. Sent to Ed. Pub. Co. Boston for Am P.T.

Wed. 18 Jan ’99. Clear, cold day. Rather lonesome today. Wrote to Mary & to Ag.

Thurs. 19 Jan.’99. Cold in morning but a lovely night. Good skating. Rec’d letter from Ag & Mary N. Started Ag’s letter.

Frid 20 Jan. ’99. Fine day. Good skating. Slight flurry of snow. Rec’d parcel from home. A letter opener from Jen. Wrote to Jen & Ag.

Sat. 21 Jan. ‘99. Fine day. Went to see McCrea’s on other side of river. Home at 5 pm. Went skating from 7 until nine.

Sun.22 Jan ’99. Fine day. No church. Wrote to James E. – Read & wrote to Dearest.

Mon.23 Jan.’99. Fine day. Good walking. Had class of 28. Fairly good skating. Getting Examinations ready.

Tues. 24 Jan. ’99. Fine day. Good skating. Rec’d letters from Jen & Rose. Sent postal home.

Wed. 25 Jan. Colder than preceding days. Had a class of 31. Good skating.

Thurs. 26 Jan. Cold. Rec’d letters from Ag & Miss Ryan.

Frid. 27 Jan. Very cold. Wrote to Ag. Worked. Not a very large class, only 21.

Sat. 28 Jan. ’98 Not quite so cold. Worked all morning. Going to Hallidays this afternoon. Had a fine time. Rec’d letter from Jen.

Sun. 29 Jan.’99. Cold day. Went to Reddy’s for dinner & tea, back at 6:30.

Mon. 30 Jan.’99. Quite cold. Had class of 26. La Grippe is in the settlement. Wrote to Mary N.

Tues. 31 Jan.’99. Fine cold day. Rec’d parcel from Eaton’s & from home. Rec’d letter from Jen & a postal with Congratulations from “Ella”.

Will continue with this tomorrow. I have tried and tried to find out who Dearest was to no avail. I was able to trace some of the other folks that she wrote to back home in Kingston ONtario. After going up there it is easy to see how lonely it would get. Woods every where you look  and it was hardly more than a settlement back in those days.

snow here today and in a few minutes I am going to a class in hypnosis with the Red Hatters. SHould be a fun time.


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