January 10 – #2 great game

Boy, I need to find a way to have more energy. I slept in again this morning and still wished I could take a nap this afternoon.  Oh well.  Yesterday I did that thing again – I was booking a plane flight and used my maiden name again. Good thing I checked everything before I clicked on the final button. Really scared me.  At least this time I caught it otherwise I would have had a problem at the airport because I am sure last time getting threw was a fluke. Dear, Dear.

Went shopping and got frames for some of our pictures from Ireland and a pillow for the pillow case I bought in an art shop with everyones favorite view of Galway.  And we got food.  Shopping is still not so easy. I wish this had packs of meat for two. And I am trying very hard not to stockpile groceries and only getting what we will eat in a week or two.  No need to have all the stuff in the cupboards. Fresh is better.

This afternoon was Pink at the Rink a cancer fund raiser at the Union vs Dartmouth Hockey Game and I won the tshirt from the 2014 US Woman’s Hockey Team – It is signed by all the members of the team.  Trying to decide what to do with it. I know we have some young lady hockey players in the extended family and one of them might like it.  Will have to decide. Maybe one of my kids might like it?

Union played well tonight but again they are so small the Dartmouth team had no players shorter than 5’6″ so our guys although they played well and were tied with two minutes left D scored to go 2-1 and then they got an empty goal shot so the game ended 3-1.

I really enjoy the games and there were other people there today and the PEP Band.  I am sure the team appreciates having a couple of hundred people there to root for them.  The money raised goes to several families at the college who have a member with Cancer.

DSCN4445 DSCN4446 DSCN4449 - Copy DSCN4452


2 thoughts on “January 10 – #2 great game”

  1. Keep writing Margie. I read every blog and each one leaves me with something to think about. You express yourself very well and you don’t hold back. I admire that. Linda


    1. Thanks Linda, I find it a great outlet for all the stuff that rambles around in my head all day. And I hope my cousins get something from reading my grandmothers diary. She ended up being quite the woman activist,mother, wife and community leader. She did well by her family.


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