January 9,2014 – David and Golieth but David did not win tonight

I was going to write about something else and then we went to the Union College vs Harvard woman’s hockey game. First of all you have to understand, Harvard is one of the top teams in the ECAC so recruiting for them is easier than for Union also because after all  – It is Harvard. But since we started attending the Union games a few years ago it is obvious that they are the little engine that is struggling.  They play well and give it their all but they have not had a winning season ever as far as I know.

But tonight they looked great. Really – First of all you have to picture this – you come out on the ice and the other team is made up of 1 – 5’11”, 1 – 5’10”. 6 – 5’9″, 4- 5’8″, 5- 5′ 6″ and 6 players 5’5″ or shorter. and then there is the Union team – 1- 5’9″, 1- 5 ‘8″, 4- 5’7″, 1- 5’6″, and 15 players 5’5″ or shorter. And they are great hockey players.  They have skills and energy and all you need to play.  But against a huge team like Harvard really now.  They played so well the score was only 7-1 at the end. They broke up so many plays and all but they had a hard time getting the play down in front of the Harvard net.  Those woman were just so much bigger so that their strides = well you can imagine it. It is like when I go walking with my 6’1″ husband and I am 5’1/2″ tall. I have to walk two steps for everyone of his.

I love our team. They have heart and talent but they really need some height.  My dream all my life has been to be 5’6″. Just to be a more normal height would have been nice and if you play a sport I would think size is important as well.

We will be back tomorrow afternoon for Pink At the Rink – a cancer fundraiser and hopefully there will be more supporters there. That is the other thing that is sad to me.  There appeared to be more Harvard supporters in the crowd than Union folks. That needs to change as well.

As for my day – well, I over slept again. I think once I stop taking the antibiotic that will change. it says on the container it can make you tired and I am that for sure. But although I was dragging I did pack up another bag of clothing today and then dusted the bedroom, I don’t know where all the dust comes from but I have just about had it with dust. And I revised the family birthday list. We have such a huge family that several years ago I put together a list starting with our grandparents, then their eight children and spouses, followed by the 27 grandchildren and their spouses and then all of our kids and their kids. It is quite a hefty list of people. I had asked the cousins for updates and corrections and thankfully they sent them. So, it is sent out for another review. One thing was pretty funny, one of the cousins wife’s birthday seemed to have been wrong. I got it from someone the first time we did the list, then this time two of her children sent me differing dates. So I sent it to her and asked her to make sure the right one is there.

Then I made reservations for my trip to DC for a conference in Feb and a visit to the little girls so that was fun. And sent out our work plan for the grant for 15-16 to the heads of the organization so they can review it and send it on to the board members for review before we upload it to the Feds. Next project is the budget which I have already worked on but won’t be as much fun. I HATE MATH… why I end up doing this is beyond me. OH well, it will keep me out of trouble I guess.

Sitting here chomping on Keogh’s Irish potato crisps. I just love them and resisted the temptation to open a bag all afternoon. It is Friday so I guess the binge weekend has begun.. maybe I will bring a bag with me to the hockey game tomorrow.  Almost time to order another case…… yum yum…..

DSCN4431 DSCN4433 DSCN4435 DSCN4437DSCN4247


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