January 8, 2015 – Sex in the Suburbs

“Be Thankful LIfe is a Mystery”

Many years ago we moved to Cushing Lane for a few years.  It was an interesting place to live. The houses were small, all started as boxes with concrete floors with heat in the floor, no basements and most had been added to over time.  We had an addition between the garage and the house to expand the kitchen and make a little family room.  The one bedroom wall had been taken down to turn it into a dining room and the other bedroom downstairs was expanded to make it bigger. Upstairs was a bedroom and attic area which we finished into a third bedroom. We had a nice fenced backyard which with little kids was very good.

So that sets the scene.  Now after living there for almost five years I had just about had it. We were having our fourth kid and were running out of bedroom space and we were surrounded by some really interesting neighbors.  Some of what went on was pretty funny but other things were of concern, like David and Tina down the street who were like 3 and 5 and taught my three year old every darn swear word in the world. Words that he had never heard at home and he loved using them.  Then there was the lady next door who’s husband had died and she was left with their two adopted children.  We rarely saw them but at one point the kids called me to tell me that the little guy was sitting on a bench out in the cold and was begging his mother to let him back into the house.  I went upstairs to the window on that side of the house and watched this little kid crying and begging for forgiveness etc.  I decided the appropriate thing would be to call the new hotline number for child protective.  I was shocked by the person on the phone.  She told me that she would like me to go next door and ask the mother if she needed help and that I should find some agency or her church to hook her up with.  They were not willing to do anything.  I was pregnant and at home with three little kids already. And I was not a social worker and was new to the county.  Sad things is that the kids did not do well in life, either of them.

So now that I have admitted that I chickened out after reporting the abuse and getting no help for them from the state agency that was suppose to take care of it, I will go on to this.  I was friends with Avis who lived across the street. Her children were grown and she did not work out of the house so we spent time having coffee or chatting.   One day she called me up and asked if the kids were inside. I said they were and she said good and then told me she was watching the house on the other side of me because quite the event was going on.  The 14 year old daughter it turns out was on top of the garage roof having sex with her boyfriend.  I did not go over to watch from Avis’ house even thought she invited me to. What I did do was call my husband and tell him we had to move and get out children out of that neighborhood.  There were some lovely people who lived on our street but I seemed to be surrounded by some scary people.

By the time our baby was four months old we were out of there and moved into a wonderful neighborhood. And that became a whole other story.  In fact that might be a good series of stories.  We have had everything in this neighborhood: a pedophile, domestic abuse, overly judgmental right wing christians, good friends, great kids, a king, and all kinds of other wonderful people.  Few are still here, in fact I believe we are probably now the third or fourth oldest residents of the circle.

I wish I had a picture of that other old neighborhood.  If I can find one I will scan it and attach it tomorrow.

Today was a good day. Went for a walk in the crisp cold sunny day. It was very nice. Then I went to work on the budget for the grant.  Such a lot of work needed to be done.  Just put numbers in and now have to see if they add up. Also slept in this morning. Naughty old woman did not get up until 10 am. I loved it. Made up for it by walking that mile or so this afternoon.  Needed exercise.


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