January 6, 2015 – starting all over again and a little story

Well, today it was really cold out and I had work to do on the computer so was good my car is in the shop.. They need to keep it until tomorrow so I will drive the Prof to work and then go to my meeting at 10 am.   But this evening dear Rose came and picked me up and I went back to Tai Chi Lessons.  Love it.  Almost every one was there, even Meg who teaches us alot of the time. She is going through Chemo and yet was out there doing this. She is thin but looks pretty darn good considering.and she has her lovely laugh which is a day brightener.  I have to wonder if being so physically active has helped her to go through it better.

So that was the fun of the day.  I did input in-kind donations for the grant and printed out updates for our family list of birthdays and deaths etc.  With there being well over 100 of us just on my mom’s family, There were 8 children on her generation, only five had children and there were 25 of us first cousins. And of course the numbers grow from there when you get into second and third cousins. What many of us love it to see those third cousins playing on the beach in the summer just like our parents knew their third cousins and were close to so many of them. They would be happy to see this going on.  We are lucky crew because our parents stayed close and made sure we knew each other.  I loved my summers in Canada visiting for a week or two every year or so when we were young and then as a teen my aunt Jean would bring me up with her for a month which was so special for me. I think she knew I needed to get out of the house.

So anyway, when I took the writing course in Galway we had an assignment one evening to write a short piece with descriptions etc. This is what I wrote about my Grandfather as a boy of 8. Nothing is based in fact, just my imagination.

Fergus had always loved a summer storm. It was exciting to see the lightening and hear the clash of the thunder. He was sitting at the kitchen table looking across at the school house watching the wind whipping through the trees and the rain crashing against the window. . Emily had been baking bread in the wood stove and the fragrance filled his being. He was waiting for he knew it would be coming.  He heard Emily getting out some dishes and reaching down into the cold storage for butter. His stomach was sending him messages, growling and yearning for the fresh hot bread. He sat very still and waited.  He and Emily spent most summer days together unless he was helping his Dad in the barn. He loved their time together.  His mother would tell him stories and teach him how to make things and he had his own patch of garden to care for.   He heard another crack of thunder and saw a tree across the road split in half. Even that could not diminish his joy as Emily put the warm, soft bread in front of him coated in butter and fresh strawberry jam. He took a bite and held it in his mouth and began to slowly chew.If he had died and gone to heaven Fergus thought he could not be happier..

Pictures of Emily McArdle and second of her and husband Charles O’Connor and children Fergus and Madeline

Emily_McArdle Family_of_Charles_and_Emily_McArdle_O_Connor


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