January 5, 2015 – Back in the thick of it again

“Start Each Day With a Pep Talk to Yourself”


Well, today I can assure you was not a great day. Spending six hours in meetings was not fun. And it appears that is what my life is going to be like for a while thanks to the Federal Government.  The Grant we are working under in my community group announced our yearly application is due on the 26th of January, so we need to work quickly to get the darn thing done and then they added our six month report being due on Feb 4th when we will be in DC so we have to get it done by Jan 30th.  Yippee… Guess a couple hours each day will be dedicated to that endeavor.

It is pretty funny actually that I heard the same conversation at both meetings at least that is what it feels like. But we did get alot accomplished. I am still steps away from being engaged at this point and since they did great without me for four months i hope they will see the benefit of doing things with out me more and more since I am seriously thinking about moving to Saratoga and selling this house. I just want to be somewhere with sidewalks and places to walk to. Guess the last four months really spoiled me.

This whole idea of living each day as an adventure has made me pause to think..  Reality is that I am not sure how back in this little life here I can find adventure.  Maybe I do need to start walking up to the Stewarts Shop each morning and getting to know the people who hang out there. They are also building a Starbucks up that way as well so I could get a two mile walk every day and some coffee and maybe a sweet although doubt any of them have wheat free  goodies. Probably would have to bring my own.

Started to relook at my letters from Aunt Pat and am trying to figure out where to begin again writing the story of her adventures. So maybe I will start living vicariously through her letters.  Stop that thinking, I can make my own adventures I am sure I can. I did for the last four months I can do it again.  Now that is something I could do, walk up to Starbucks and just sit and write for an hour every morning and drink coffee. Will have to see if that is doable. Of course the temperature is going to be very cold this week so doubt if I will be able to drag my feet up the street that far.  My computer would be frozen by the time I got there.

Today a funny thing did happen that I want to remember.  I called the Irish Museum in Albany to see if they had any ideas for someone who teaches Bodhran lessons.  As soon as the woman answered the phone she said to me “I know I owe you a check for $100.”  I thought, whoa, wrong Margaret. She kept on talking and I tried to tell her she had the wrong person. Finally she stopped and said, ‘Maybe we should start over and you can tell me what you were calling about”. Turns out after much laughter she thought I was a Margaret that both Denis and I know and who is in Denis’ book club. They went to grad school together.  Guess they owe her some money. I wonder if I could have said I have moved and here is my new address and gotten some money from them.  It was a great conversation and we both had a good laugh over it.

Being short on adventure today I will cut this short. Tomorrow I will write a bit more about family stuff, unless I have a true adventure.


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