January 3, 2015 – puppies, hockey and snow..

When the world says, “Give up,”

Hope whispers, “Try it one more time”.


Well, after taking it easy for the last few days today I decided to just go out and face the world. So off we went to Saratoga to meet the puppies – Smedley and Stella.  They are so cute and full of puppy energy. One of them can now hop up on the couch and they love to fight over their toys.  We played with them for about an hour or so and then went to lunch at “The Local” which has very good food if you are ever in Saratoga on the west side.

Hockey was next on the agenda so we headed back to Schenectady in the snow which was now falling.  The Union Woman’s hockey game started at 3 pm so figured we would get there to see most of it.  As usual there was hardly anyone there. The woman get so little support and of course the students don’t come back for the winter term until tomorrow. So, of course, we sat behind them and cheered.  They were playing Princeton and both had gotten defeated last night in games so both wanted this win.  Poor old Union, it was not to be this afternoon. But never fear we will continue to go to the games and cheer for them. They are a great group and deserve to win.

At the game we sat with Steve and Jeanette Sargent and told them about our experience in Galway. They both said the term abroad at York is very similar in terms of the beautiful walkable city. I hope Denis will apply for that one as well. Why not.

By the time we left the arena it was still snowing and had accumulated a bit so I took a picture of one of the buildings in the snow.  Got home safely and after watching the news and having something to eat we are watching the Union Men playing Boston U on NBCSN.. How neat that we can see them play on TV. It is tied at the moment.

I am very tired this evening so will probably hit the hay earlier tonight than usual although you never know.

Smedley is the blond puppy, Stella is the mixed and larger.  picture of the Men’s flag for winning the NCAA Hockey Championship last winter. Number 21 is my favorite player since she is my size and I cannot believe how good she is, Final score.. 0-3.. boo hoo. and the snow falling with the big building behind.

DSCN4394 DSCN4395 DSCN4401 DSCN4406 DSCN4408 DSCN4410 DSCN4412


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