January 1, 2015 – Great Expectations

Ops. I think that title has already been taken…..  Isn’t that what New Years is always about?  Last year was so so and I expect this year to be wonderful.  I think life is only as great as we make it.  Yes, nature can make one year much worse than another with deaths of loved ones, floods, tornadoes etc.  People can also make life miserable, but I think that is only if we let them.

For years I let my past pains and hurts run my life and basically fear was the main driver of all my emotions. I grew up being afraid of lots of things.  It took me until I was in my 30’s to begin to realize that I could make my life into what I wanted it to be if I worked at it.  It was hard work and still is at times but I am a very different person than I was back then.  Taking responsibility for all the negativity was one of my worse flaws. I felt that I deserved whatever came my way.  Made life easy for the bullies out there. If they said it I thought it must be the truth.  Wrong!

These last four months of seeing life in a totally different way has really made a huge difference in my mental processes.  When I woke up this morning still feeling sick I thought to myself, how is this an adventure?  Well, actually it is if I look at it that way.  I gave myself permission to sleep in as long as I wanted to – 10 am. Then I got up but not dressed – I ate, took my antibiotic, finished reading the book I was into, played on the computer, and took a rest. At 2 pm I got up, took a shower and we went for a walk. It was bright and sunny although crispy and cold out.  Yes, not perfect but lovely none-the-less.  We saw some neighbors and we each agreed, this is not Galway for sure. But that if we planned it we could walk up to Stewarts and have an ice cream sundae or get a cup of coffee and walk back and that would make a two miles walk. Never know what you might see along the way or if you might meet someone as you walk along.

And once we came back in we had talked about going to a movie but my coughing might upset people around me so I just asked Denis if he would like to go out for dinner. I really don’t feel like cooking and he probably would like some real food so we are going to take ourselves out to Otis and Olivers because one thing I did miss while in Ireland was their ribs…. Yes, I tried ribs over there but they did not compare.  So, that is one thing I can do to help myself readjust to being in NY.  Great tasting ribs.

I also went on line looking for Kelkin rice cakes with chocolate.  They are Irish and so good. Cannot figure out how to buy them over here. I also checked on what the Keoghs Crisps cost for the case of 12 packages as ours are going fast.  What a great Christmas present!!!! I am going to order more for us.  Not much more expensive than what we were paying to buy them in the market in Galway but they are so good. Also going to check at the Honest Weight Food Coop to see if they have any of those products.

Anyway, will finish this later but just thought I would start writing while I was still awake….. I do get tired… My box from Ireland arrived with the ornament I purchased over there for us. It is truly lovely from Newbridge Silverware. I will take a picture and see if it shows how lovely it is.

Lovely dinner at Otis and Olivers. I needed to find something I like to eat that I could not find in Ireland that tasted as good so off we went so I could get barbecue ribs and saratoga chips. It was so good, I ate it all, well not all the chips but the rest.   Then we took a ride to see our favorite Christmas light show on Apple Blossom in Colonie,  YIKES, there were no lights on at all. I hope they have not stopped doing it and that we were just too late in the season.  Christmas would not be the same without a trip to see the lights there.  Going to ask on Facebook if anyone knows what the deal is.

Just talked to Dan and he is good and figuring out what his next steps will be in finding work. I am sure he will find something that will make him happy.  In or out of the law. We also called the little girls earlier in the day and all they wanted to know was when Grandpa was coming back to see them.  They really love that old guy. Ops, he is younger than I am so I guess they love that young guy.

We were talking about “wow, it is 2015” Thinking back 15 years, this is the anniversary of CHP/Kaiser Permanente closing in the Northeast. I was out of work and wondering what would come next. Denis was finishing his PhD and working on his thesis.  What an interesting 15 years it has been. Denis finished and was hired by Union as a Visiting Professor and is now a part time lecturer and part time adjunct. I was hired by Rensselaer County and got my dream job in prevention and worked there for eleven years until I retired. Pretty neat actually. We bought the school house and fixed it up and put on the addition and can live there now. And there were sad losses over these years, my mom, brother John, cousins,Nancy, Mary, Paul, Jane, Chuck, Sue, Ann, and Denis’ nephew Brian.  As well as some spouses of my cousins who were dear to all of us.

So on that note I am going to stop but will add some pictures just for fun. The ornament is Santa’s workshop.

I also added pictures from June through end of august. Me with Congressman Paul Tonko at a public meeting about drug abuse, Judi Vining, and Joyce Davis on our weekend at Long Beach, O’Connor/Kaiser cousins at Kevin’s birthday party, Slide from N-CAP annual meeting, Anya and Jason’s wedding, Baseball game in Baltimore, Miss Keyona and Little Bear, Just some of the places and people we shared our summer with.

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