December 31, 2014 – The end of a lovely year

New Years Eve, hard to believe already this year is over.  It has been quite a year.  In the winter I was so busy with the Drug Free Grant and all the activities that we had put in our plan that my head was spinning. And yet all the time in the back of my mind was getting ready to go to Ireland.  If I looked at my calendar from the last year there would be so much more on there, Chair yoga classes, Tai Chi, Zumba Gold, Red Hat activities that kept me socially out there doing things.

Then there was the school house. I love our school house and all the wonderful things we do there. Doors Open Ontario weekend we were open to the public and aside from tours of the school house Mike O’Connor was there with his paintings and we had some of Ted Kaisers beautiful photography.  Mike and I had a great time over the two days.   Spending from mid June to the beginning of August was great and I really was not ready to go home in August but we had to get ready for Ireland.

Union College winning the NCAA Division I hockey championship was also a highlight of our year. We usually attend the woman’s games but we totally got into cheering for the men’s team and they took on the big schools and beat them one by one. It was such a case of the little engine that could.  It was spectacular to watch them win.

My family had a reunion down in Maryland in August and it was great spending the weekend with my brothers and many of the children and grandkids. Andrew has a wonderful house for a big party like that and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Ireland was like a dream. I pinched myself often because I could not believe this opportunity had come our way. We are retired folks, yes, Denis is teaching but it is like his retirement gig doing something he really loves and enjoys every day. Being picked to go with the students to Galway was just unreal.  It was the best experience of my life I think. Being so out of my element and finding things to do and people to meet. And I got to visit with some cousins, not all that I wanted to see but the ones I did get to see I really enjoyed. I learned that living in a walkable city is so much fun and my dream now is to find a place to live where we can walk everywhere.  Kingston Ontario, Saratoga, NY, Those would be two of my choices..Kingston would be far from Denis’ job but Saratoga would work.

To answer a question I was asked today – how did we end up in the states and how did I meet Denis – My parents were immigrants from Canada. My mom grew up in Kingston (first Gananoque) and my Dad was the son of a wandering minister so he had lived in many places including ten years in England. He went to the U of T in Pharmacy and had a placement in Kingston where he met my mom. they dated for about five years before they could get married.  They moved to the States during the depression since he could not get a job in Canada. Dad wanted to be a pharmaceutical sales rep.  So, they got married in 1935 and moved to Tuckahoe NY where he had been hired by Burroughs Welcome & Co. an English firm.  Once he got into the sales dept we lived in various places, Buffalo, Eggertsville, Seattle and eventually Scarsdale.   I met Denis at my church actually.  He belonged to a young persons theatre group that had been running out of his church in Crestwood but they left there after being told they could not sing Where have all the Flowers Gone at a folk mass during the Vietnam War.  So they moved up the road to the Church Mom and I went to. I joined the group and we met and at some point we started going out. The rest is history.

This is New Years and I suppose I should be making promises to myself to do things in the next year.  I don’t need to go on a diet, I would like to be healthier but not sure how that happens as I sit here taking antibiotics for a sinus infection which I tried to treat myself and let go too long, NO I think I will skip making promises to myself.  I am going to try and write more and more. I have to work on my stories about Aunt Pat and finish transcribing all her letters and Aunt Sheila’s and get back to working on Charles O’Connor’s diaries. I am up to 1919 and they go through 1939 I think. so much more to do.

Happy New Year to all and hope that all your dreams come true in 2015.

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